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Let’s document the unstoppable rise of green influencers and celebrate the abundantly creative spirit of the green community.

As a part-time green beauty blogger (the other part goes to ethical fashion, slow travel, healthy recipes and other lovely things 💚), I’m of course doing my part networking – albeit only as much as time allows – which has lead to making friends with some amazing fellow bloggers from all over the world. You’ll find many of them on this list of Top 25 Natural Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2016; you’ll find some of them on my blogroll â€“ and I highly recommend checking them out, because all are absolutely outstanding: there’s not a single one that you could call replaceable, while all contribute to a vibrant community set out to make sustainability mainstream. Bloggers publish books, launch magazines and online shops to make their passion their career, and I’m the first to admire and to support that.

And while BEAUTYCALYPSE too has undergone some behind-the-scenes rework together with lots of planning that will fully come to bloom this autumn, other top natural and organic beauty bloggers have created visible change already: with shiny new projects that have emerged from their amazing blogs.

Let me introduce you to two such projects run by some of my favourite Green Beauty Bloggers:

The Hub of Clean Living

I got to know Sarita Coren as the voice behind edible facial, a holistic green beauty blog. BEAUTYCALYPSE readers will remember her from the post in which three green beauty bloggers join me in busting the most common excuses to not go green,

Earlier this month, Sarita launched The Hub of Clean Living:

To create a community of outside-the-box leaders who are passionate about clean living in all its many manifestations, and to spearhead a movement with heart.”

The Hub is a lovely, quaint, refreshingly drama-free and quietly radiant place that unites blogging feats such as special offers, a listing of holistic practitioners and shopable blogger’s picks with high spiritual vibes and a big scoop of practical knowledge.

sarita-coren-the-hub-of-clean-living-the-peridot-magazineiPad: The Hub of Clean Living;
iPhone: The Peridot’s brand spanking new digital magazine, “Sun & Sea”

The Peridot
+ the digital magazine

While a whole adorable bunch of great green beauties is involved in the making of The Peridot online magazine and community, it’s Tamara of the Rainbow Feet Blog and Liz of Smells Like a Green Spirit who have introduced the project’s first digital issue dubbed “Sun & Sea”.

On “Sun & Sea” Liz tells me:

The “Sun & Sea” is an invitation to unleash your inner eco mermaid and enjoy the summer holiday to the fullest, in a mindful way. Oceans cover over 70% of our Earth’s surface, they still hold much mystery to us. It is hard not to be fascinated by the mythology associated with the sea. With our first issue, we wanted to share how the seaside inspires us and also highlight some important aspects that concern the ocean today, such as its preservation.”

Inner eco mermaid! 😻This resonates very deeply with me, which you know if you haven’t missed my latest post on aquatic pollution.

Go get your digital copy of “Sun & Sea”, it’s free and it’s a great beach read (aka: a great read if you wish you were on a beach).

Let’s enjoy these last weeks of August; let’s celebrate green influencers!



Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. thehappybodyco

    What a really interesting article. Just starting out in creating an organic skincare range which involves embarking on proper training first etc, I’m finding this whole new world fascinating and blogs such as these are properly interesting. Thanks for putting it together.

  2. How to find all the right words without sounding to mushy, gushy and eye-rollingly annoying? Oh well! Too bad. Nath, you are amazing and, as Liz says, it’s an honor to be featured by you alongside The Peridot created by women I love and admire so much! Everyone here works hard to produce the most reliable and up to date info that’s also a pleasure to read. Thank you to all of you for what you do!! I’m in the process of creating a way to share you all on The Hub. It’s very nearly done and then watch out for your inboxes! 😉

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear Nath! It’s always an honor to be featured on your awesome website. I’m grateful for you and our connection.
    Also, huge congrats to Sarita. Her website is looking absolutely amazing! Nath, I can’t wait to see your project come to fruition in Autumn. I know it’s going to be fantastic! Lots of love, Liz xxx

  4. Thank you so much for sharing Nath! It’s been a journey creating Sun & Sea, and it is just the beginning!

    Sarita has done such an incredible job, very excited to see how it all develops in the coming months xx

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