Alcohol-Free, Added Sugar Free Cocktails for Spring Parties * My Simple Healthy Recipes #26

Party time with my signature, easy, grown up non-alcoholic drinks – not sugary, but fine & fun enough to be served at a spring / summer wedding, a gallery opening, or a cocktail reception.

April and May is party time over here: so many birthdays, so little

time. Ah! Of course I’m slightly excited at my own upcoming big day because of the 30 Day Bday Challenge and all the great things that fall in place with its success.

While I do enjoy a glass of red or rosé every now and then, it’s not a

habit of mine to drink alcohol. And while I can’t resist a beautifully made gluten-free dessert, I normally stay away from the drug formerly known as raffinated sugar.
Alcohol and sugar in foods jeopardise all the health bonuses from my healthy diet and lifestyle. Also more and more people in my inner circle don’t drink alcohol. More and more are scrutinised for this habit, like there’s something wrong with saying no to a beer or a vodka shot. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with sipping a gorgeous beverage from a pretty glass and this is where my signature drinks come in.

To entertain friends this spring and summer, I have whipped up

three amazing, grown up, easy to make yet exquisite alcohol-free cocktails. I don’t like the word “mocktail”, so I won’t be calling them that 😉 Sorry, cocktail purists!

And now, attention please for we’re going to enjoy: delightfully dry and aromatic – Blue Birch Tea-ni. Surprisingly fragrant and beautifully refreshing – La-La Sparkling Matcha. The more you drink, the sweeter it gets – Rose Garden Ice Tea.entertaining-cocktails-no-alcoholno-sugar

Blue Birch Tea-ni

Brew a strong (2 teaspoons per 200 ml boiling water) Sublime Blue Tea by Mariage Frères. Let cool, then refrigerate. Whine at the fridge door. When the drink is ordered 😉 – your own order is completely legit! – put a loooot of glass cubes into a cocktail shaker, pour 1 part of your blue tea, 1 part elderflower-flavoured birch sap by Birkengold and shake very well. Strain into a martini glass. Serve immediately. Get high.

La-La Sparkling Matcha

Prepare traditional matcha using a strong (organic!) lavender tisane. Fill about 1/6 of chilled champagne flutes with this delicious green beverage. Try not to sip right away!
Now you have two options.
One, you use a ready-made organic apple spritzer – simply pour on top and serve immediately.
If you’re feeling particularly fancy, puree some fresh, ripe pineapple with just a shot of apple juice, add an equal part of it to the matcha base, fill up with natural sparkling water and – you got it! – serve immediately. Get bubbly.

Rose Garden Ice Tea

This is such a lovely spring and summer drink, seriously, where has in been all my life? Ah, of course. Somewhere in the back of that funny head of mine.
To make this one, you’ll need equal parts of organic rose petal tea (I use Sonnentor) and of a very special tea blend by Tee Kontor Kiel – Kieler Gute Laune Grüntee Ostersencha, a delightful sencha blend flavoured with rose petals, chunks of papaya and pineapple, dried strawberries, raspberries and currants. Soooo good in its own right!
Brew this aromatic tea with hot, not boiling water (approx. 80°C), let cool for ten minutes. Assemble the drink by putting three dried strawberries into each glass – simple table wine glasses are just perfect – , then pour in the tea. The berries will sweeten the tea as it cools down, releasing a tiny bit of rosy colour together with natural sugars, so don’t stir it! Once cooled, put a dried rose petal (from your organic dried roses obviously, don’t pluck from a bouquet, these are not food!) into each glass and let it float, like a little summer gift. Serve immediately, get rosy.entertaining-beautycalypse-signature-mocktails-2016

Blue Birch Tea-ni, La-La Sparkling Matcha, Rose Garden Ice Tea: Which is your favourite?

P.S. Some more excitement today: I’ve been asked to host a live cooking event with a round of live eco beauty Q&As in a very neat place near Berlin! I know I must have Berlin-based readers, so if interested, please use the form below to get on the list, I plan to reserve a few seats for my readers.

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  3. I love all three versions, however the sparkling one the most. But maybe the rose tea cocktail might be a way that I enjoy rose tea. I do not know why but the scent of rose and rose tea it absolutely not mine, despite the fact that I love real roses…

    • Maybe it’s about the intake of the essential rose oil that your body simply doesn’t need? The dried strawberries work with other light floral teas just as good.

  4. My goodness I’m going to be hopping through Google, I’ve never heard of any of these products so I’m excited to discover them.

    How exciting about the live event!

    • Thank you Rose! I’m a bit late catching up on comments 🙂

    • The blue comes from the flowers. It’s actually super cool 🙂 And the taste is “grown up”, “dry”.

  5. I loved this. So great to have some non-alcoholic, non-sweet drinks that are worth making. Merci….

    • Thank you Heather ❤ They are really fun. I kept them undecorated for the photos but you can imagine they can be played up quite some 😉

      • I bet. I am not really drinking right now so this is great to think about for the summer months as most of the time I want something festive rather than the alcohol itself. 🙂