9 Reasons Why You (And Your Kids) Should Choose Linen Bedding * BCBtW #11

Let’s benefit from the great advantages of natural linen for our sleep & health – while giving thumbs up to a new mumpreneur, founder of the kids bedding manufacture Toshka Berlin.

As you know, sleep is easily one of my favourite topics here on BEAUTYCALYPSE. I’ve introduced you to sleep-easing foods and relaxing meditation techniques in the past, and I’m following an Ayurveda-inspired sleep routine during my 30 Day Birthday Challenge as we, well, speak.

Having refurnished my bedroom in 2014, I’ve been searching for best bedding materials and designs, and inspiration came from a friend who had started her own business.

Being a guinea pig for pure linen sheets was the coolest thing I had to do, and I had quickly discovered all them lovely benefits of this amazing – and in 2016 super trendy also – flax fiber.

Bedding Brand To Watch:
Toshka Berlin, Quick Facts

Founded in 2015, Toshka Berlin (website is in German, check out Instagram for updates and info in English) is rooted in a young mum’s quest for high quality, modern bedding for her daughters.

Ira Montag, Toshka Berlin founder, is media designer by trade but has worn many creative hats in the past: model, travel writer, fashion stylist, photographer, retoucher… Toshka namesake is Ira’s older daughter, vivacious and quick: toshka-berlin-founder-ira-montag

The young Berlin-based company offers three elaborate reversible bedding set designs, one of which is completely metal-free. Four modern, nicely colour-themed collections are inspired by travel and accordingly named FORMENTERA, SANTORINI, TANSANIA and MOROCCO, all made of 100% pure linentoshka-berlin-dream-safari-collectiontoshka-berlin-formentera-collectiontoshka-clever-reusable-packagingToshka nightwear that also easily qualifies as loungewear is made from 100% linen as well. Bedding sets and nightwear come in ecological recycled, reusable and closeable boxes.toshka-nightdress-maroccotoshka-berlin-collectibles-bedtime-stories-illustrated

Made to promote healthy sleep, each Toshka set or PJ/ nightdress comes with a lovingly illustrated bedtime story – inspired by the respective travel destination. Once read, the illustration can be framed or used for the kids’ arts and crafts projects.

You’ll find some illustration motives printed onto cute pillows. These are packaged in rough linen bags that are, like the boxes, easily reusable for sports, space organisation or travel. Coming next are bedding sets for adults (and teens).toshka-berlin-pillows

Why Linen:
Q & A With Ira Montag

Q: You went for linen because…
A: I used to have linen bedding as a kid. Growing up in Minsk, that was not a surprising, much less luxurious thing to have – Belarus is known for excellent linen.

It will sound like another founding story, but before starting Toshka Berlin, I’ve been looking far and wide for modern linen bedding for my daughters.

Q: And you didn’t find anything you liked because…
A: Where do I begin? 🙂 I love colour, you know that. There’s a lot of colour around our house to prove that. Naturally I didn’t think that white-beige coloured linen bedding was a fun design for kids! On the other end of the spectrum, crazy colours and uncertified dyes weren’t an option either.

Q: You chose to produce in Belarus because…
A: The linen manufacturer I work with is a renowned company, their linen is certified with Oekotex and sought after across Belarus and Russia. I create designs and I also produce the prototypes and patterns. I have found a great sewing studio in Minsk who then produce the collection.bc-brand-to-watch-toshka-berlin

Q: Your signature style is inspired by travel because…
A: I love travel. Before we had kids, my husband and I were travel photographers. Our travel stories appeared in lifestyle magazines, and we were combining high fashion and travel – long before the advent of today’s travel bloggers 😉

I think that travelleling opens your mind, and to me nothing beats dreaming of travels. I drew colour inspiration from some of our favourite destinations, and my husband wrote the bedtime stories that you find with each Toshka product.

Merci! 🙂

9 Great Advantages
Of Linen Bedding

Linen has some truly amazing properties by nature – as in “without any artificial finish”:

1. Linen is naturally anti-static
2. Linen is soft to skin and doesn’t mess with its pH balance, recommended to children and people with sensitive skin or skin problems
3. Linen is naturally resistant to dirt
4. …and germs
5. Linen absorbs moisture and has excellent ventilating qualities, making linen bedding naturally breathable – read: warm in winter and cooling in summer, great for a carefree sleep and a pleasant feel
6. Linen is very durable, so you’ll get excellent price value ratio with linen bedding
7. Linen is environmentally friendly – by far better than any, even organic, cotton – of course it’s renewable and also fully biodegradable (I thought I’d mention that extra, just in case)
8. Linen has that very distinct, wrinkled look that lets you easily skip ironing and tumble-drying
9. Linen is available in different natural qualities, so you get to choose between a more rough or a more silky surface, contrary to what some might think, good linen is not scratchy!toshka-coming-next-adult-bedding-sets-linen

Let’s wrap it up with a little wisdom acquired during my aforementioned 30 Day Birthday Challenge: a good night’s sleep is a holistic result that’s depending on all the food you ate and liquids you drank during the day, on your physical activity or the sorry lack thereof, of your state of mind, on your bedroom ‘ecology’ comprising furniture, bedding, sheets, a decent mattress and pillow. One missing link, and it goes South.

And now:
Good night, bonne nuit, gute Nacht, спокойной ночи! 😉


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Thanks for the summery and interview. I never thought about linen betting until you told me that there are great quality ones that will not be itchy. With my Neurodermitis I have to be very carefully and the more soft something is the better for me. I will check on linen when I am back home.

    I really love the natural colours; so I am totally fine with any grayish, beige or something similar.

  2. I’ve never really thought about linen sheets which is rather silly of me; why else do we say bed linen or table linen if the goods weren’t originally linen?

  3. Australian cotton and wool are best-of-the-world class but our linen less so. A friend of mine has linen sheets from Europe which are stunning in quality so I’ll be checking out this link. Thanks Nath.

    For any knitters reading I can’t recommend Quince and Co’s linen yarn highly enough. It’s grown (organically) in Belgium, spun in Italy. Yeah the yarn miles are high but it’s incomparable. http://quinceandco.com/collections/yarn/products/sparrow-yarn-linen

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