My Fabulous 30 Day Birthday Challenge

Watch me reach 10 self-care and health life goals in 30 days until my birthday on 10th May. (I can’t believe I’m doing this.)

(Images for this post are inspired by this week’s serendipitously perfect daily post prompt: future)

I don’t know about you, Adventurers, but for me a birthday is not unlike a personal new year’s celebration: we all have hopes and resolutions, with something painful that happened before the date and something wonderful we aspire to create in the year to come.

Now, with my ongoing Quest, you might have guessed that my resolutions, too, point in the same, green’n’clean direction.

But the question arises: why should you care about my resolutions? Why should I write about my goals? Hold on.

future-spring-challengeJust recently, three green beauty experts and Yours Truly have discussed the most common reasons for not going green. The time reason (“I don’t have time to go green”) struck a chord with me. It’s not that I don’t find time to do the good’n’green stuff; no.
But work and learning, career and business, eating clean homemade meals, thoroughly and painstakingly researching any purchase or health decision, reaccessing my family’s diet, maintaining my workout and health habits – all of these and more have to be fit into 24 hours minus sleep in an efficient manner. And I love feeling luxurious with my time! I don’t like to be in a rush (spoiler: I always am).

So I came up with a gift from me to me in time for my 2016 birthday celebration: discover ways and establish habits to usw time more efficiently. Which apps, techniques, tools, foods even can help? I’ll be testing some glorious stuff in the 30 days to come – stuff that should help me grow and thrive like this tiny rowan berry tree (a mountain ash actually) that ignored the cold and surprised me last month:rowanberry-new-tree-future

The 30 Day Birthday Challenge: Goals
+ What’s In It For You

As you might know from my posts, I’m very eco-conscious, a critical but also lifestyle-savvy consumer that loves to bits: ethical heroes, scientific research, shaking and stirring and distilling the experts’ opinions to obtain the essence of what’s closest to truth. That’s the Quest. So what’s the Challenge?

Here are my 30 Day Challenge’s 10 goals – and let’s see if some of them resonate with you:

1. A process optimised, minimalistic, paper-reduced and clean workplace/ home office.
2. To significantly shorten time spent on getting dressed everyday, keeping only “fit me best” clothes and outfits (eco-fair, of course).
3. Take care of my very personal style of procrastination: perfectionism.
4. Improve my and my family’s self-care and focus on my own goals as vigorously as I focus on the goals of my clients, friends and acquaintances. I want to cure my exhausting helper syndrome with the strict “oxygen mask” rule – taking care of myself first. Finally.
5. Try to align my daily life to the Ayurvedic clock for one month, a very early-bird kind of thing. Is it as power-boosting as they say it is? How does it feel – and does it work!? – to go with the flow of ancient time phases on each given day?
6. Establish regular mealtimes, with at least 4 hour food-free breaks between them.
7. Stop overscheduling my time. *sigh* Seriously, I’m such an idiot for waking up each morning hoping that this day might last 25 hours or longer!
8. Up the ante working out: work out regularly instead of fitting in a session between two hectic appointments.
9. Detox the home with more plants ! Awkward: since I’ve always considered myself having anything but a green thumb, all we have today are a few greens on the rooftop, one yucca, one tiny rosemary plant, and three bowls with succulents…
10. Just generally: declutter.30-day-birthday-challengePlanning and laying out.

How am I planning to master those? With blood, sweat and tears? Wrecked nerves? several apps, techniques, and tools – reviewing all of them during my 30 Day Birthday Challenge. You are welcome to ask your personal “resolutions” questions and to learn everything that I learn and share.
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I plan to write at least one 30 Day Challenge post each week, without forgetting other popular series such as BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch, Mudras & Manicure, Bookshelf Monthly, Beauty Product Range Review – and many others.

I’m excited and can’t wait to begin.future-30-day-challenge-helpers


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  1. Whoa go you! A number of these goals resonate but I can’t imagine attempting to tackle all at once. On the declutter front are you Marie Kondo-ing? I’ve never heard of the Ayurvedic clock before (though makes sense) so looking forward to hearing the results. Especially how to make it work when you’re swimming again the tide as most of structures/habits around aren’t condusive. Any can’t wait for the updates!

      1. Yep sometimes you just have to go for it all guns blazing. In the UK and US at least it’s been hard to escape MK. Her book ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ has sold millions and been in bestseller list for yonks.I haven’t read it…

  2. Nath this is a great list, I so identify with many items there. I will definitely join you in this quest and the timing is perfect for me fellow Taurean … my birthday is May 11th. 😀

  3. Heather in Arles

    I am absolutely cheering you on for this! Go, go! 🙂 I love all of your ideas and goals.
    If you can tame the perfectionism alone, you are a free bird! In your heart of hearts, you probably already know that it is a destructive game…

      1. Heather in Arles

        Well, just please try otherwise life will make you deal with it without your choosing down the line…

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