Kale & Green Tea. Emerald Goodness: My Fav Smoothie Recipes * My Simple Healthy Recipes #25

Winter’s not my favourite smoothie season. And now, with spring in the air, I feel oh so hungry for my vitamins. Werewolf-and-full-moon-hungry, in fact. Let the blenders roarrrr!

As mentioned in the last post about spring cleaning the blog, I’m well aware of the recent recipe and powerfood nutrient check / underrated superfoods content shortage.

To stay in tune with the spring energy going on here, I decided to tackle one reader FAQ: to share my favourite, healthy green smoothie recipes, preferably not too expensive and not too exotic in taste (I presume to make them more enjoyable for kids).

In fact, some of my favourite smoothie ingredients are quite affordable and accessible too, even out of season.


1. Base your recipes on simple, seasonal fresh ingredients (cucumber, citrus fruits, and herbs such as mint, dandelion, nettles; add berries in summer).

2. Go veggie-heavy to lessen your sugar consumption.

3. Skip the ice part AND get the most out of healthy out-of-season ingredients with deep frozen organic veggies (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach) and berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries).

4. ‘Powerfoods’ are not a universal magic potion, and, as always, things that have effects can have side effects too. Adjust all recipes, always, to your personal health situation and be attentive to your body when you try something new. Since recent research suggests that neither kale nor spinach should be consumed in large amounts – or continuuously –, I always rotate the greens in my smoothie recipes. Even though I’m sharing kale-based favourites here, these two taste as good with broccoli or arugula, to name just two options.

5. For the liquid ingredient, try plant or nut ‘milk’ or something as fancy as quality coconut water. Soy milk, for instance, is an excellent base for creamy white smoothies.

And now: Woohoo, I’m going to unleash the Vitamix beast!

three-emerald-smoothie-recipesHere are my all-time-favourite green smoothie recipes, two are based on kale (I’ll gladly repeat: don’t overdo kale, switch to other greens), one features an antiallergenic green tea variety:

beautycalypse-greensmoothies1. Hayfever: orange-cucumber-ginger smoothie infused with benifuuku tea. 2. Green beauty: kale-cucumber-mint-mango smoothie. 3. Salted detox: kale-cucumber-mint-celery-grapes smoothie.


beautycalypse-fav-green-smoothies-benifukuI’ve shared my experience with the excellently metabolism-boosting and allergy blasting benifuuku tea before, and this year, I repeated the treatment for the third time in a row. Since drinking this tea as is isn’t everybody’s, well, cup of tea, due to the high amount of catechins, the best way to pull it through is use it in green smoothies. Please read my post for (way) more details and for side effects!


Most kale (or veggie) smoothie recipes try to mask the specific kale (or veggie) taste, and yes, sweetness definitely works. However, I prefer my smoothies veggie-heavy, so I tend to use just one intensely sweet fruit if going for a velvety, sweet taste.

Ripe, mangos are considered soft enough to acid-sensitive stomachs; packed with skin-loving vitamins A and C, as well as folate and potassium, they are a delicious favourite!beautycalypse-fav-green-smoothies-mango


Sweet does work to ‘mask’ specific veggies’ taste one might need time to get used to. But trust me, going with the flow tastes just as good if not better!

Embrace the specific taste of kale, spinach, or broccoli with something as fine as celery – for freshness, add just a little fruit (berries or grapes work great). Extra tip: if kale and celery have a particularly intense aroma, rim the glass with sea salt 😉beautycalypse-fav-green-smoothies-celery-grapes

And now a note on the method:
I use 300 ml liquid per serving, adding another 300 ml of fresh and frozen veggies, herbs, and fruits completely to my liking.
To add further zest to the smoothie, I might throw in powdered greens and ‘superfoods’, chia, hemp or flax seeds.

Got a favourite green smoothie recipe?
Do share! 🙂


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. I’ve seen (and tried) a lot of different kale smoothies: cucumber, spinach, mint, all of the above mixed together or not but…it never ever dawned on me to give green tea a go. Thanks for the eye-opener.

  2. All sound really delicious! I am still searching for frozen kale. All supermarkets nearby do not offer it. However I love the idea with the mint and use frozen spinach quite often.

    The mango cucumber combo sounds so great. Will try that next!

  3. I often use frozen berries but I had never thought of frozen veggies which would of course eliminate the need for ice cubes! Great tip. I’m looking forward to trying these.

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