On Making Valentines’s Day Awesome (Instead of Awkward)

Let’s make what’s become a pretty generic celebration of a mostly commercial tradition a case for eco-conscious consumerism by supporting cruelty-free and eco companies and by strengthening our green decision muscle.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is the most depression-inducing holiday after Christmas? It doesn’t have to be that way, and it doesn’t have to be an exclusive fest either – exclusive, as in non-inclusive. Let me explain 🙂


While the Christian tradition is somewhat blurred in regards of the possible contenders for the title of the Original St. Valentine, it’s long been a lithurgical celebration that developed into a romantic one due to Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14 century poetry and became a full-grown tradition later, during Victorian times. Those fancy Victorians, they really were into letters and flowers and presents and parties, weren’t they?

Now, there’s an even older, ancient in fact, festival that’s been celebrated by Romans (and now watch it go from fancy to kinky in under 2 seconds) – the Lupercalia. Celebrated Mid-February, Lupercalia involved goatskin-dressed priests and ritual whipping and other things, all meant to drive away evil spirits and to evoke health and fertility of basically all living things, from soil to people.

Roman beliefs aside, once the evil spirits of winter are banned, why not celebrate the power of new life, be it fertility in the proper meaning – or creativity, openness to new ideas, the desire to create? Which brings us to what I think we can make of St. Valentine’s Day regardless of our marital status or love for Hallmark cards – here’s when it becomes an inclusive celebration:

Can we celebrate the pureness of a new day, the dawn of new ideas?


Just for a short moment, let this thought vibrate. Can you sense the underlying wisdom of life’s circles?

Winter is about to leave. Shed the past. Shake off the old ways.
Spring is raising its pretty sleepy head. It’s time for a gentle awakening of your creative spirits.

Look forward to the seeds of something Good and Beautiful that you can pick and sow. Whether it’ll be truly taking time to go out for dinner with a special someone (or dearest friends) or starting a rooftop garden together, adopting a dog, discovering the artist within you or supporting a great artist… There are literally no boundaries! Can you imagine? valentines-day-2016

And if you have to buy things, why not look beyond the heart-shaped craze? Treat yourself or your loved one to a little extra that’s good for you and that you’ve always craved.

Begin something new – buy the best juicer you can afford and start juicing; de-clutter your wardrobe and purchase something fabulously ethical; “detox” your bathroom shelf and try something organic and fancy. Here are a just few ideas (labelled for Him and for Her which actually only applies in terms of eco-fair fashion items) on how to manage the green switch by owning this Valentine’s day:Valentine-2016-for-HerLinks (affiliate-free):
Bleed Clothing | Lillika Eden | Amalena | The 7 Virtues | A Slice Of Green via SWWSW | Tee Kontor Kiel | Bloomon.de | Freitag | The Glow Brand Valentine-2016-for-HimLinks (affiliate-free):
Vitamix | EcoBrotBox | Bleed Clothing | Tee Kontor Kiel | Booja Booja | SWWSW | Ila Spa | Abel Fragrances via Amazingy.com

Of course, I chose vegan-friendly and ethical/ healthy options on purpose.
Today, too many industrial goods are still produced under horrible working conditions. Drive away the evil spirits of exploitation and toxicity. Do something creative and maybe even healing to celebrate the symbolic new dawn. 

May this Valentine’s day bring you the gift of something deliciously new and pure and good, coming into existence.

P.S. Check out my archival post Hey Beautiful, Fancy A Date for a simple filled date recipe that comes with two printable gift tags for a very cool DIY treat, whether you celebrate Valentine’s or just want to make an ironic statement.


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Great ideas, and,yes, I think if we are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, or Easter, or? we need to step back from the commercialization of these festivities and open ourselves to a deeper and more sustainable interpretation of them.

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