Lillika Eden – Timeless Elegance: Eco-Fair & Vegan * BCBtW #10

Fair and local production, vegan and ecological garments, chic and wearable designs – despite being ‘just’ three seasons young, Lillika Eden is the epitome of a brand to watch. 

Already showered with sustainability awards, Lillika Eden is a sustainable, vegan fashion brand for women of the kind that many of us ethical consumers have been dying to find. The price range is absolutely reasonable, the signature designs – chic, urban, wearable with comfy lines, contrasting fabrics/ textures and great details – come in soft, comfy, washable fabrics.brand-to-watch-lillika-eden

Fashion Brand To Watch

Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Lillika Eden has entered the fashion world via green and conventional trade fairs as well as sales partnerships with elusive concept stores, green online shops and a major sustainability online shop in Germany.

The Lillika Eden team are fashion designer Julia Muthig and business development manager Daniel Schmidt, a young German couple with strict ideals – and business savvy.

The range, available through the Lillika Eden online shop, consists today of three universally wearable collections – Pure, Lucy, and Light. Prices for tops, trousers, and dresses range from 130-260 Euros.

I had the opportunity to chat with Julia a year ago, and while it didn’t work out to publish a whole series on eco-fair fashion back then (with the exception of Amalena), I was very impressed by the aura of quiet strength that surrounded her: that of unassuming sincerety rooted in a very sober, non-negotiable understanding of fairness, kindness and justice. This is the next generation of changemakers – creators who work ethically like because there’s no other option.

Julia Muthig, Lillika Eden designer:julia-muthig-lillika-eden-quoteGermany-born Julia is a traveller: she has lived and studied abroad, including Switzerland and Japan. Originally from a town near Frankfurt am Main, she chose Berlin as the place to launch her fashion start-up and says she finds the city’s fashion industry network very supportive. The entire Lillika Eden collection is produced locally.

I sense greatness here:


A Fashion Q & A With Julia

Q: Lillika Eden is eco-fair and vegan because…
A: I’ve always loved drawing, and I wanted to become a fashion designer ever since I can remember. During my studies, I’ve learned about the ecological impact of fashion and knew that eco-fair fashion is the only way that makes sense to me. I want to create and I don’t anyone to be harmed in the process; what I create must be in harmony with the environment which includes, of course, the animals. Also, knowing first-hand how important it is that you can sustain yourself with your honest work, only fair production comes into question.

Q: You’re an avid traveller because…
A: Travelling opens your mind. You get to learn so many nice people, you become friends, you get so much inspiration. My drawing style is definitely influenced by my stay in Sapporo (Japan) 😉 Travelling really enables you to see the whole picture.

Q: You chose Berlin as a homebase because…
A: The Berlin fashion scene is very supportive in terms of how many people work in the sustainable industry, in terms of finding a fair production site, sourcing eco-fair garments.

Q: Your signature style is quite unique in its elegantly wearable style because…
A: I always look at a combination of garment and shape. For ecological garments to look elegant you need to understand how shapes, cuts, colours, garments, textures work together in a design. A well-chosen fabric with its colour, pattern, texture completes a design.

Merci! 🙂

And now let’s wrap it up with some styling suggestions from Yours Truly (fully eco-vegan):



So, you tell me, Adventurers – isn’t this a darn swish addition to any modern woman’s wardrobe, whether you’re team dresses or team trousers?!
Which look would you prefer, the cool one or the chic one?

Lillika Eden, Jennifer Le Claire (1)

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