New Year’s New, Healthy Habits

Happy, Healthy New Year 2016, Adventurers and Ethical Heroes! – Let’s talk about something very important today: how to go green and where to start.

Before we get to that juicy Q, let me thank you and applaud you for flying with me, for following me on this fulfilling yet challenging journey. Let me talk about it for a second, because it’s crucial for answering that Q as well. So…

Truth is an easy melody, but it’s not easy to find in the cacophony of voices out there – and certainly not always easy on the ear. It becomes even more complicated when we talk about more intertwined topics. Holistic truth? Is it a thing? It must be, for neither of us exists in a holy organic vacuum of ethical excellence. There are the systems working together, such as industry, society, ecology, economy, politics… Consumers’ choices are hard work these days! And still, and still: the personal, invidual pursuit of happiness – being healthy, staying fit, aging well – doesn’t happen, doesn’t work, doesn’t exist, doesn’t thrive in a vacuum, cut off from the community and the wholeness of life here on Earth. No, here on Earth it just doesn’t.

And thus, since I’ve started BEAUTYCALYPSE and until now, the topics I wrote here about have quickly evolved from beauty & skincare, have developed so much that I had to review all posts (about 400) and divide them into ten understandable, digestible Quest blocks this past December:

Now there’s beauty & skincare, health & fitness, nutrition & recipes, fashion & jewellery, eco chic home (which is the latest addition), eco travel, apps & tech, and green business, all of which are portraying people, companies/ brands and products that are pretty close to the Ethical Excellence goal, and then there are two more topics that deal with what’s wrong and toxic and worth boycotting or battling: ecology & society issues and toxic wasteland.

I hope that this makes navigating the Quest easier for those of you who are new here and those who have been with me from the start. Because it’s important to GET the message. To understand how complex the Quest is, how it can get so very frustrating, but also very rewarding and cool.

And this leads us, finally, to that one Question that I’m asked continuously by readers, strangers, friends… basically anyone:



So, where to start? The Internet is afloat with tips for eco-conscious consumers, recycling info, countless easy ways to start living green; tips that are mostly good, and as often outstanding as poor.

But the thing is, I believe that there’s no cookie cutter way. I believe that You already know pretty well how – and where – to start. 

People with health conditions will start at whatever improves their health – food, yoga, meditation, toxin avoidance.

Fashionistas will start at whatever makes them look trendy – vegan fashion, vintage fashion, eco-fair fashion, certified tox-free garments made in a fair, sustainable way.

Foodies will start in their kitchen – with healthy recipes, tox-free kitchenware, aluminium-free and plastic-free food containers and water bottles.

Beauty aficionadas will start at their beauty case – tox-free skincare, organic cosmetics and perfumes.

Eventually, we will all meet someplace.
Things are all in a system, and if foodies look into quality foods, they ultimately end up discussing argicultural topics. Fashionistas will ask themselves what’s more ethical: eco-fair wool – or man-made fabric. Beauties will wonder if their clothes are as clean’n’green as their body lotion; yogis will ask for a tox-free yoga mat; health enthusiasts will advocate nutrition and self-care education for children.

So by now you’re probably feeling where my answer is headed.

So, how do you go green? Just start where your heart is.
Apply a little mindfullness and do your research, be attentive and patient – and you should be just fine.
And Have a Happy, Healthy, Gorgeously Green New Year.

If you’re interested in some advice from several green beauty bloggers, Yours Truly included, here’s a sweet little questionnaire about some of the most trending topics in going green, beauty-wise. (Or just drop me a line.)

I love you all ❤



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  1. The Quest is hard and complex. I am forever tripping up, but at least I am aware of when I have tripped and why. Would a steampunk world be green?

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