Is It A Bird? 🕊 Is It A Plane? ✈️ Is It A Newsletter? 📩

Having listened to two friends argue whether BEAUTYCALYPSE had a newsletter or not, I figured that I might as well address this topic right here, right now (and share some news).

But first things first. How was Christmas for you? Snowy, rainy, or sunny? Was it traditional or modern? How did you decorate the tree? Do tell 🙂

As for me, I did my best to keep the days festive and peaceful, spending time with my dearest ones, with my family and friends who – the latter – live abroad; I must say I’m enjoying this quiet escape quite a lot.

What’s next?

I plan to whip up one or two festive Signature Beauty Looks for your inspiration and entertainment. (Plus, to talk about what you can achieve with all-green-tox-free products vs. what’s still missing.) This also leads us right into medias res of today’s post. Do I or do I not have a newsletter?email-alerts-or-newsletter

So, is there a BEAUTYCALYPSE newsletter?
No. Right now there is no newsletter.

What you see on the bottom of each post and on the left – under the newly added category navigation that I hope you find helpful – is in fact an email alert. Whenever a new post is up, subscribers receive an email with the post title, a teaser and of course a link.
Now I’m curious to hear from you: would you prefer a newsletter? Or is an email alert just fine? Tell me in the comments!

And last but not least: a little praise for BEAUTYCALYPSE.

This little corner of the Internet has been recently featured as one of the Top 51 Natural Beauty Influencers 2015 and also one of 44 Natural & Organic Blogs To Follow. Also, in November I was answering 5 green beauty questions together with fellow green beauties in the Your Fav Natural Beauty Bloggers Spill the Beans article on The Best Organic Skincare. Thank you dear readers, because this recognition and the kind words wouldn’t have been possible without you visiting, sharing, and discussing! ❤


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  1. Hope you had great family time during Christmas. For me it was all about family and it’s still not over. Today is the last day of meeting literally everyone…

    I am fine with your alert, however would enjoy a newsletter, too.

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