Greener Christmas Presents & Gift Wrapping: Less Fuzz = More Fun

Stress-free Christmas math is easy this year: 2 bloggers, 6 foolproof, green & fun DIY projects, 4 gift wrapping inspirations, 6 free-from foodie gift ideas, 1 tiny little ebook for you! 

Adventurers, if you’ve been around here for a little while, you’ll know Din of Eiswuerfel Im Schuh, a Berlin-based triathlon and health/wellbeing blogger.
We’ve been chatting about Christmas presents the other day, the discussion went on and well, it lead to us whipping up an ebook for you, our readers 🙂 Yup, an ebook with our laziest, most foolproof DIY projects possible that will rock off your slippers – by a rather clever use of exquisite ingredients and/or materials.

Even if you’re not into DIY at all, I promise you’ll find a few fairly fabulous ideas for spicing up your own wardrobe with our statement necklace and covetable city tote, recipes for an invigorating sea salt scrub and a detoxifying soak in the tub or… for a healthy hearty breakfast. Still not sold?christmas-ebook-DIY

You’ll find gift ideas for vegans and for friends who have it all, gifts that will make consumption refuseniks and idealists happy, gifts for foodies and individuals who lead a “free-from” life.

Then check it out to find gift wrapping ideas & gift tag inspiration that will make your life a lot easier all while significantly lowering your contribution to the plastic debris – they are super simple, pretty cool and, yes, greener than the average!

And now click the image below to read the free SIMPLE CHRISTMAS ebook (new window, Flash required):


Or download a free PDF here.
(German-speaking friends, why don’t you head over to Din’s blog for the German version?)

And then please do tell us what you think!
Will you DIY Christmas presents?
Which one is your favourite DIY from the book?


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Anything festive? without any gifts!!! Lets buy the gifts for all family member in this upcoming Christmas!! Can’t wait for the same. it should be surprise and without name as well. Will be finish my presents soon..

  2. So, my last gifts are finally in the making and super late, but I want to keep everything as fresh as possible, the really last ones will be done in a week like the matcha granola and matcha choc bars. ♡

  3. Thank you so much! I’ve nearly finished making my presents — facecloths, soap, marmalade, strawberry jam, spice rub, small Christmas cakes but a few more ideas are very welcome.

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