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The “Quest report” series returns with a new livery – bringing you recaps of best local green business events and consumers events in one go. Key words: Digitalisation. Future trends. Ethics. Berlin. 

Now I hope to get some feedback from you guys, whether you’re consumers or entrepreneurs, about what interests you the most!

What: 8th Natural Cosmetics Conference 2015 

When: October 6 & 7
Where: Ellington Hotel, Berlin
Who: about 240 beauty industry and natural cosmetics industry professionals attended the 8th edition of the 2-day conference hosted by the German publishing house for natural cosmetics naturkosmetik verlag in collaboration with Nuremberg Fair/ Vivaness.
Topics: 10% organic skincare growth forecast in 2015 | organic trend within the conventional skincare industry | international differences in definitions and market status quo | the fascinating dynamics between green pioneers and new, media savvy startups | an outlook on the demographics development in the world | evaluation & identification of the strongest global product trends in the organic/natural cosmetics market | “lost in translation”: what’s what – organic & natural | the committed (and consumption refising) consumer: a new challenge for the green industry | gender marketing | relevant certifications and the pro & cons of the new ISO norm | digitalisation for the organic skincare industry | “brands don’t follow, they lead” – why the product doesn’t equal brand
Returns in: September 2016
My review: I’d like to tackle the variety of exciting issues discussed during the conference as well as a few of my own points of vue from my daily work as a digital strategist in separate posts.

Green entrepreneur readers, you are more than welcome to “vote” in the comments what you’d like to see first!

Also the spirit of the event has left me speechless – it felt like joining a great community, and if you wanted to meet someone you’ve never met before, the hosts would always do their best to find the other person and to introduce you. What a service!

Thank you, naturkosmetik verlag team!💋
Review-NaturkosmetikBranchenkongress-2015What’s what: 1. Seated. Listening. “Turn your mobile phones off”. No hashtag! 😱2. In the lobby: eco-friendly top quality printing solutions – in love with metallic foils! 3. After 2 days of talking about selfies: I’ve talked conference chairwoman, publisher and green cosmetic industry expert Elfriede Dambacher into taking one✅

What: FAB Talks “Fashion, Art, Business”

When: October 14
Where: Google Berlin (!)
Who: the seasonal (hosted every 3 months) event series was launched in 2015 by Andrea Kolb, founder and CEO of the ethical brand Abury, and Sebastian Paas of KPMG Deutschland to bring together fashion industry professionals, newbies, innovators and more.
Topics: fashion and technology. Googles’ Jeremy Abbett gave a talk about technology going beyond smartphones. He brought prototypes of intelligent fabrics that in his view shall replace the mobile device in the palm of our hand | Phizzard’s Peer Hohn talked about revolutionising the retail business (and greening it all en passant) by means of a clever, big data driven return and fitting solution | KPMG’s Sebastian Paas shared his passion for fashion; no – for Fashion, and introduced a few insights into the upcoming KPMG digitalisation in fashion study | The discussion was amazing, and the guided tour through Google’s Berlin office afterwards was really cool. Talking about creative, organic workplace design! I tell you what – nobody wanted to ever leave 😉
My review: I was able to talk to and to meet some of the most fascinating Berliners in fashion and I plan going more in detail in 2016 (let’s face it, it’s round the corner).

An-Ethical-Autumn-in-BerlinWhat’s what: 1. FAB at Google Berlin, from left to right: Hohn, Abbett, Paas, Kolb. 2. Vieri lookbook – ethical fine jewellery, spotted at the German Press Days.

What: German Press Days

When: October 15 & 16
Where: press agencies and showooms, Berlin
Who: the event’s official name is German Press Days and it means that participants (=agencies) host sort of a 2-day open house plus a dinner for invited guests.
Brands of ethical interest: there have been a few things that caught my eye, but a fine jewellery brand has sparked particular attention simply because I’ve worked as a jewellery editor for nearly a decade and can tell my emeralds from aventurines. As you might have noticed, ethical jewellery has become quite a topic here at BEAUTYCALYPSE, and there are several stories and interviews coming up (obviously in time for Christmas!)
Returns in: the next edition takes place in 6 months
My review: it’s a good development that Berlin counts so many press agencies that represent so many brands beyond streetwear. I was suprised to not see more ethical brands; after all, with Sieben & Siebzig PR an all-green press agency resides here in Berlin that represents amazing green companies.

What else?

Berliners and capital city guests, there’s a fabbo brand new green luxury corner in our KaDeWe department store! Check it out to shop til you drop – Kjaer Weis, Konjac sponges, Kahina giving beauty and many more wait for you to green up your luxurious beauty case + + + In other news, The Glow Brand were having a sale, so you can look forward to swish new eco fashion looks + + + I have a friend who is about to launch her sparkling business that all girls should go and check out on Instagram RITE NOW, and after a brilliant (ha, pun intended!) lunch together, I was inspired to update my as-tox-free-as-possible nail polish collection with two sparkling colours by Tromborg.Green-Hauls-and-Berlin-NewsI also went to the consumer event combo Heldenmarkt + Veggieworld, and it was mindblowingly good. Also mind-boggling-crowded! Wow, that’s some serious interest… I met founders of ethical companies that were all new to me – what’s in it for you is new content like an interview with an ethical jeweller from Berlin coming next; I tasted the summer (Provamel and Veganz introduced their respective froyo and ice cream parlour concepts; all I can say is YUM and GIMME). So if you’re based in Germany, do check out Heldenmarkt local editions and “tour dates”. If you’re an ethical company: book a table!

Autumn in Berlin & BEAUTYCALYPSE in 2016

Rain and shorter days? Such a welcome setting to really get creative! Walking outside in the rain, thinking, or warming up and transforming dreams into strategies… So, just a very quick recap and preview, and of course it’s got to do with green business, so here goes:

Autumn-in-Berlin-and-Blog-News1. Did you like the start of the new section, ECO CHIC HOME? A few readers pointed out to have missed that article! 2. New in 2016 will be portraits of well-established ethical companies and relevant non-profits, ETHICAL HEROES. Grüne Erde is right at the top of that list for a lot of reasons. The BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand To Watch series too will continue, bringing you cool and (or) new brands – eco fair fashion, skincare, food… 3. Also new in 2016: I’ll be reviewing green SPAs! Looking pretty much forward to this one. 4. “Baby it’s cold outside?” – What about a home-made, gorgeous, tox-free bath “tea”? Watch this space for the upcoming Xmas Guide eBook that I am working on with Din of Eiswürfel im Schuh! 5. Turns out, Steller can’t be embedded into WordPress posts. Duh! Despite this drawback, watch my Steller profile this weekend for a bunch of brand new stories with the taste of autumn and warm and sunny summer memories.


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