My Favourite iOS Yoga App | On My iPhone #2

Yoga. It’s everywhere these days! Let me share with you my fave iOS yoga app that has actually made me enjoy yoga…

… – and that will be insanely helpful for beginners and advanced yogis alike.

Yoga is ancient wisdom and a modern lifestyle trend, and it comes in a variety of flavours.
Problem: being a strong opponent of all things guru, it’s clear that I tend to steer clear of trending or personality-driven yoga styles. I’m not even the greatest yoga fan as I’ve stated two years ago, and this hasn’t changed. But:

I can’t ignore the huge advantages yoga poses including A) its proven health benefits and B) the fact that it can be done just about everywhere. 

If you knew what you’re doing, of course.
(I don’t. I only remember a few basics, and one helluva mudras.)

To help with that, in 2015 there is a plethora of yoga apps for Android and iOS to pick from. Posing the next challenge. How do you even choose?

Having accessed many, many different yoga apps looking far and wide for the best yoga app for an iPhone or iPad, I’ve finally found a favourite: Yoga Studio.

Here’s why.

It’s simple, intuitive, sleek, and has a very lovely, soothing, “airy” design.

Like with most yoga apps, the poses are shown in voice-over videos. Some people might find it repetitive, but if, like me, you’re that short of being a HSP or just need all the support to allow you to focus (and don’t want any distractions), you’ll love it.

I think the app is great for all levels, beginners to advanced, unless of course you’re a yoga guru yourself.

Shall we look at all the details now?YogaStudio-AppReview

Yoga Studio App Review:
What’s In It For You

Yoga Studio is your arsenal of 65 ready-made classes:
✅10 beginner,
✅11 intermediate,
✅9 advanced classes,
✅4 different sun salutations,
✅3 deep relaxation meditations,
✅10 “quick fix” classes (balance, flexibility, or strength),
✅8 back pain classes,
✅and 10 classes labelled “yoga for runners”.

The app doesn’t stick to one yoga philosophy, combining the best of Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar yoga, Yin yoga and yoga Nidra.

All classes come with full HD video and easy-to-follow commentary. Each class, each single pose (about 300 in number, I stopped counting at some point) and each pose block (20 blocks) come in the same puristic setting accompanied by a very soothing, clear female voice over.

Sweet: you can link Yoga Studio with your Apple Health app to track your progress.

The app is very intuitive and sleek – which must have been quite a challenge to create given the additional features Yoga Studio offers.

So, what else can you do, other than picking classes by level and focus?YogaStudio-Review-FavouriteFeatures-Custom-Schedule

Firstly, you can knock yourself out combining pose blocks to create custom classes just for you.

There is a clever feature called video stitch that “glues” poses together so that your custom classes appear as a full, flowing video. Isn’t that cool!?

Secondly, and this is genius, you can plan all your classes, pre-defined or custom-made, in an excellent, intuitive calendar within the app.

No more excuses: Yoga Studio calendar will sync with your calendar and remind you of your scheduled classes.YogaStudio-Review-FavouriteFeat-Music

The third great feature that often goes undiscovered (it’s a bit hidden indeed) is the customisable music.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the option of adding my very own playlist to fully enjoy my yoga class. It was the boyfriend who’s figured it out; I wouldn’t have seen that feat on my own. I was too preoccupied customising anyway 😀

Yoga Studio:
Pros & Cons

Yoga studio in the pocket: it’s an app so it’s with you everywhere (given that you download your classes)
✅Big screen: Since October 2015 there’s an Apple TV addition that allows you to play the HD videos on your tv
✅Affordable: At about 4€/ 4$ it’s a steal!
✅Pure: The music is unobtrusive, there is no distraction aka sunny beach or a statues-and-incense-sticks landscapes – it’s just about yoga and you
✅Excellent, searchable pose library featuring English and Sanskrit names
✅Excellent, searchable set of pose blocks
✅Intuitive calendar feature (with optional reminders!)

Cons (only two I can come to think of really):
🙄If you like to see different teachers or the feeling of “like in a class” you’ll hate it
🙄If you stick to a particular yoga philosophy, it might not be your piece of cake

And a word of warning:
Absolute beginners should not start with just an app (any app for that matter), they are best advised to attend real-life classes to learn poses, breathing techniques and, last but not least, possible risks and health implications.

Yoga Studio @ iTunes
Yoga Studio Website
Yoga Studio Facebook
No affiliates, as always.

The poses and classes were chosen and are demonstrated by an American yoga teacher who launched Yoga Studio in 2012 together with her British husband. Yoga Studio was acquired by GAIAM in October 2014.

Namaste, Adventurers! 😉

 P.S. Stay tuned for a post about the most fascinating and unusual yoga “school” ever coming soon!

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  1. Well.. I definitely prefer a real person vs an app!!! my yoga teacher is amazing, all full of happy vibes, smiley, wonderful, and I wouldn’t want to miss that for the world. Don’t think an app will have me leave my session with such a big smile on my face.. 😉
    PS. she also NEVER does the same class after another, which is why it’s so amazing and you constantly learn new things, movements and so you build up your poses step by step.. tough sometimes – but you feel amazing doing that handstand for the first time :-)))

    • Oh you’re lucky to have found such a lovely teacher. For me, the app is 150% perfect even though I know it’s not perfect for everybody 😉

  2. Sounds like a solution when traveling, too. I will have a look on it. Like that they offer a huge variety of classes. Nothing is more boring that doing the same class over and over again. Except of the one Bryan Kest was teaching the last years when he visited Berlin…

    • I love, love, love playing yoga studio with custom-made classes! It’s such a good fun and they make it a fluid HD video. Like magic. Also the relaxation blocks are fab. A shortie, a 10 minute one and a 20 minute block that gears towards Jakobson’s tension-relaxation idea.