Booja-Booja: Truffles-Truffles That Are Eco, Vegan, Fair and Highly Giftable * BCBtW #7

Gorgeous truffles that you need right now. Because November. Because vegan month, too. Because Christmas round the corner. Because free from. Because – healthy raw chocolate!

And The Sin City

How do you like symmetry? 😉

Right after posting my sad palm oil rant and after publishing the recipe to a home-made, vegan almonds and chocolate treat, I went to one well-known artisanal chocolates & truffles boutique in Berlin looking for Christmas gifts. Because you can’t only give homemade chocolates, obviously.

Unfortunately, reading the ingredient lists revealed that some truffles contained palm oil – and, judging by the absense of any organic label, not the sustainable one. The salesperson wasn’t educated about palm oil, and so I left and gave up the convenience of an instant “check off”-purchase for the satisfaction of a not-as-instant but much more ethical and ecological purchase. Something I highly recommend doing anyway.

But hey, rant aside, which truffles did I end up buying?
Booja Booja!BoojaBooja-Truffles

Raw & Organic Truffles
No Gluten, No Dairy, No Soya
By Booja Booja

Founded in the UK in 1999, the company has been winning multiple awards all along the way for their truly delicious truffles ethically handmade in England with the best, purest ingredients and suitably presented in fancy, fun packaging. No exception is the latest range addition, a vegan-friendly ice cream collection based on cashew cream.BoojaBooja-Truffles-CleverPackagingBoojaBooja-RaspberryTruffles-Ingredients

These truffles with the most velvety, luxurious melt that fills your mouth with a sweet, intense and inebriating truffle kiss (there’s no other way to put it) come in many varieties and in several highly giftable collections.

BoojaBooja-GingerTrufflesAmong my personal favourites are the Raspberry Truffles (won 3 awards), the Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles (whopping 10 awards), the Stem Ginger Truffles (4 awards) and the Fine de Champagne Truffles (impressive 7 awards).

In one sentence:
Booja Booja is a vegan-friendly, ethical, raw and gluten-free truffle brand to know, to watch, to love.


Do you have favourite organic and ethical truffle makers or brands?
Do you look for special ingredients or, due to sensitivities and allergies, for the absense of those?
Do tell, do share in the comments below!



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