Based on almonds – which are rich in antioxidants & minerals and can help regulate our sugar metabolism – this simple, vegan-friendly dessert is a breeze. (And a sweet hostess gift!)

vegan-florentine-biscuits-easyWhile I am not following a strict vegan diet, I am reaaly strict about veganising the frivolous – such as desserts or anything I eat for pleasure and not for the nutrient intake. Thankfully, important basics like whipping cream and milk chocolate (mmmmh, rice milk chocolate can have such a sinful melt…) are available in vegan-friendly and even organic quality.

ingredients-vegan-florentinesThe basic florentine biscuit ingredients are almonds, butter, and sugar. Dried fruit and chocolate are an adjustable – leave them out or add them. I’m team add them, by the way.vegan-florentine-biscuitsMy favourite additions to florentines are dried oranges and vegan milk chocolate, but you can play it up with dried strawberries and white vegan chocolate, or spice them up with ginger and dark chocolate, the variations for this super simple yet scrumptious dessert are like pleasure itself – infinite.

vegan-florentine-recipeThe recipe is highly adjustable, too. Mine includes a handful of organic sliced almonds mixed with dried oranges (soaked in orange juice overnight – or else baking will make them as hard as candy), some puffed quinoa for a more exciting bite, mixed with just enough coconut sugar and coconut oil to make the mix sticky and shapeable.baking-florentines-coconut-caramelbaking-florentinesPlace ovals, in length and thickness about the size of your index finger onto baking paper and bake at 180°C until golden. Let cool.vegan-florentine-biscuits-glutenfreeMelt your favourite chocolate, and pour little oval shapes onto a baking tray lined with baking paper; place the cooled florentines into, pressing very gently, let cool completely – and enjoy!

vegan-histamine-free-rose-proseccoP.S. I like to serve vegan florentines with unsweetened coffee or with a glass of delicious, vegan-friendly, histamine-free rosé prosecco.


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    1. Puffed quinoa or rice or amaranth are great for homemade chocolates! You remember the double-spiced matcha bars with bretzels? Well, turns out a mix of popped quinoa with crushed pistachios is even better for that recipe 🙂

    1. Yassss! 🙂 I could nibble all day long. And that’s why I like them homemade – I know exactly what’s inside!

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