Mudras To Treat Cold & Flu * Mudras&Mani #1

Mudras are a fascinating part of the yoga practice and breathing exercise: symbolic gestures also known as “finger yoga”.

In the new series MUDRAS&MANICURE I share my favourite mudras fit for the season.

Can Mudras Prevent Or Treat
Cold And Flu?

Sure, we can’t fully understand how or whether mudras really work and influence our bodies yet. Mudras aren’t prescribed by general practitioners or recommended by pharmacists to cure you either. Why do I bother with this practice if it lacks any scientific proof?Mudras-and-Manicure-beautycalypse-series

For me, two things are true: first, there are several studies that prove the various health benefits of yoga, and mudras, just like asanas, are one part of the holistic yoga practice. Second, mudras are performed with asanas or during pranayama (breathing exercise) as well as during meditation which, too, has proven benefits for human health. Both practices – asanas and meditation – executed with a holistic approach do include mudras. So in my book, it doesn’t hurt to cross your fingers, quite literally so, to focus on and to support the goal you want to achieve.

This being said, neither am I, nor is any yogi ever suggesting that you should meditate instead of seeing a doctor when you’ve got symptoms!

My Favourite Mudras
To Fight Flu

The Apan Mudra (other spelling: Apaan Mudra) is a very simple gesture performed with both hands. It is believed to purify aka detox the body, to be beneficial for the liver and the urinary tract. In terms of your higher self, the Apan Mudra is believed to promote serenity and patience, to help develop visions of your future.MudrasAndManicure-Apan-Mudra

Sit comfortably with your hands in front of you, bring together the finger tips of the thumb, middle and ring finger of each hand like you were going to get a pinch of salt. Keep the pinky and the index finger of each hand very straight. Hold for up to 45 minutes during an extended meditation or pranayama practice.MudrasAndManicure-Apan-Mudra_HowTo

The Linga Mudra (other names: Lingam Mudra, Linga-Shiva Mudra) is dedicated to Shiva, and is believed to heat up your body when you’re feeling cold, protecting you from flu, as well as to have mucolytic effects.MudrasAndManicure-Lingam-Mudra

Different sources suggest that you shouldn’t overdo the Linga Mudra, never holding it for longer than 15 minutes. To form the Linga Mudra put your hands together in front of your chest, keeping the left thumb up and intertwining fingers so that the thumb and the index finger of your right hand form a circle around the left thumb. Mudra teachers say that you notice overdoing the Linga Mudra if it starts causing feelings of lethargy.MudrasAndManicure-Lingam-Mudra_HowToBoth mudras, held during morning and bedtime meditations, help me stay healthy during the flu season (and of course my otherwise balanced diet and some very simple hygiene steps don’t hurt either).

P.S. Why Mudras & Manicure?

I thought it’s a fun way to show a tox-free (or: as-tox-free-as-possible) manicure together with some mudra inspiration to spark some interest for meditation in people who otherwise wouldn’t bother.Mudras-and-Manicure-Korres-Tromborg-Golden-FrenchMudras-and-Manicure-Korres-Tromborg-Golden-French_CloseUp

Now you tell me what you think – and what mudras we should look at next! 😉


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