New Habits, New Life – Tomorrow Is The Day

Fighting fire with fire: how to turn around procrastinating. We’ve been there all, ready for change and yet postponing its beginning until the perfect day, opportunity, chance – even person – appears.

The Russian superhero – the Tomorrowman. He can do anything. Tomorrow.
– A modern Russian proverb

The web and the bookshelves are brimming with life hacks and self-help-ey advice on life-changing habits. This is not the point of my Soul Detox series. I want to share with you some simple actionable steps that have helped me change bad or develop healthy habits such as: give up smoking, start working out, stop nailbiting, stop postponing unpleasant decisions, optimize bedtime (the hardest part being a firm believer that I were the “owl” time type).

Am I saying this will help everyone? No.
I want to give you an idea. Maybe this will work for you. Give it a chance.fight-procrastination-with-procrastination

Are You A Perfectionist?

If you are erring on the side of perfectionism like me, you’ll probably prone to the reason #1 to not change anything: it’s not the perfect time/ day/ week/ age/ life situation. We don’t have the perfect resources just yet. And we’re damn right, perfectionist brothers and sisters – is’s NEVER the perfect time or situation! That’s where tomorrow enters the stage.

Do You Like To Learn?

This is a trick question: all humans like to learn.

The thing is, some of us postpone healthy decisions because we prefer to get the right equipment, to collect the right knowledge. Know what? This is perfect for changing our lives tomorrow, too!

And how do you change your life tomorrow, today?
Here’s how:

Fuel Your Curiosity!

The trick that ties together the two aformentioned “yes but” factors that lead to painful procrastination – seriously, I used to carry around a paper with to dos without really tackling them for one effing year! – is accepting that today’s just not the day. Tomorrow will be better. So resolve to take action – tomorrow. But get prepared and involved (this is key) with provisions and arrangements today.

Four little big things to do to stop procrastinating are:

✅Schedule today your Tomorrow according to the new habit you want to add;
✅Prepare today the gear and the how-tos for Tomorrow (for workout: gear and training programme; for healthy eating: foods, tools and recipes; for a healthier bedtime: info on things that promote a better sleep), set reminders to keep you on track;
✅Get involved today with the novel feeling of your brand new habit to tickle your senses Tomorrow, get excited about a new adventure: our brains love new things! New things, learning processes make us feel alive;
✅Feel your new priority today: is your “old life” acceptable or starting to become unpleasant, like an old skin that wants to be shed? Nurture the feeling of happiness about your new habit that is bound to make you forget feelings of fear – look forward to a lovely Tomorrow.

I found this no-brainer trick – getting involved today and planning actionable steps for tomorrow – the best kick-starter for changing my life for the better. Sure, sometimes a simple decision was all I needed (like giving up smoking: I investigated the cause that made me smoke, dealed with it right away, and never looked back since), but sometimes tricking myself into a new habit by following the 4 steps mentioned above helped a lot.

Tell me in the comments what helps you or helped you change your life for the better!
Will you turn procrastination around with my simple trick?



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