Reusable Konjac Eye and Make-Up Cleansing Pads

Konjac face & body sponges were among the first product reviews on BEAUTYCALYPSE – now they’ve launched reusable cleansing pads that I’ve gotta show you.

Hi, my name is Nath, I’m a green beauty blogger and I liiiiiike me some heavy eye make-up. What I like much less however, is make-up removal. Not only is choosing a clean and efficient product a quest on its own (I’ve got a new favourite, but I’ll review it later), it’s also the tools.

Cotton pads are available in organic and earth-friendly quality, but aren’t reusable. Musslin cloths are reusable and available in organic quality – but not soft enough to remove eye make-up.

Enter Konjac Eye Pad Kits!

Review: Reusable Konjac
Eye and Make-Up Cleansing Pads

They are new to the range; each kit comes with 8 pads and a mesh bag for air drying. The Konjac pads are, like the sponges, completely reusable. These flat pads are ultra soft and delicate, and made of 100% Konjac fibre. Soak them in warm water, squeeze gently and rock them:

The Eye and Make-Up Cleansing Pads take off dirt or make-up and gently massage your skin – notice that you need less cleansing product.

They work just like regular cotton pads. If you remember, I do use Konjac face sponges for make-up application, and the pads are just as helpful. On top of that, can we recall for a moment that Konjac is a sustainable material, natural, environmentally safe, bio-degradable and, obviously, vegan friendly? Totes adorbs.

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Konjac Pads Care Tips

  1. Air-dry your Konjac goodies very well
  2. Never wring them, just gently I press them to squeeze out water
  3. They’re made of an edible plant but still: DON’T TRY TO EAT THEM. It’s a safe product to use but it does feel like something to chew – and since it can’t dissolve like gelatine, do keep it away from animals and little children.The-Konjac-Sponge-Reusable-Pads

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    • I was so surprised! Just as I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if there were Konjac-based face cloths” – and voila! 😀