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Classy, vegan-friendly, made in Italy from a high-tech, waterproof, silky soft, tox-free rubber material – high heels by The Glow Brand not only look hot: each colour supports a particular charity.

Adventurers, do you remember last year’s denim and neon look? Yes, the one where I step into a lake wearing neon green high heels? Well, it wasn’t a fake move of a bored fashion blogger – it was a test drive: the shoes are waterproof for real.TheGlowBrand-worn-waterproofwearing-the-glow-brand

Shoe Brand To Watch

Founded in 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany, The Glow Brand collection consists of just one high heel style, a very classic platform stiletto, which is available in ten fashionable colours, each supporting one particular charity.the-glow-brand-colours-newerthe-glow-brand-colours

Due to this charity support idea, the flashy colours, and the unusual material used, some press reviews dubbed the sexy heels “charity bracelets for your feet”.

I had the opportunity to chat with Tammy, the lovely founder, a while ago, and while it didn’t work out to publish our interview or the whole series yet (with the exception of the Amalena interview about ethical gold), I loved her passion, her crazy good idea of waterproof high heels, the novelty of the vegan-friendly and tox-free, bio-degradable material so much I shopped a neon green pair, and just recently, another one in nude, all that despite the fact that I gave up wearing high heels a while ago and never looked back.

Portrait of a lady – Tammy, the Queen of stilettos that give back:theglowbrand-founder-tammy

Sometimes, an elegant occasion, a formal dresscode simply demand a heel – and for those occasions, The Glow Brand is the best option I could’ve asked for: slightly crazy and futuristic, wearable and stable.

The shiny material is easy to take care of: wash them and then polish them with a soft cloth and a drop of jojoba oil: easy-peasy. The glossy shine of these high heels is so unique and sings a siren’s lilt to both my geeky, game-y sense of aesthetics and to my love of all things throroughly eco alike.

So brace yourself and look forward for some eco-fair fashion looks, Adventurers! 😉

Ladies, what do you think of killer heels that give back?

Images:; The Glow Brand.beautycalypse-brands-to-watch-the-glow-brand


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