Vegan & Gluten-Free Autumnal Brunch

Simple and quick, delicious and seasonal – let’s give you some ideas for an unpretentous yet delicious autumnal brunch menu!

While I do like to spend some time in the kitchen, a brunch menu that’s ready within 2.5 hours? Not too shabby.

Halloween decorations are also minimal chez moi, as I don’t like food that fakes something gross or is too cartoon-y: gravestone cookies and ghouls from mashed potatoes? Nah.
Seasonal goodness like pumpkins, persimmons, and our new friend the rowanberry? Gimme.

Halloween Brunch Or:
A Warming, Vegan & GF Autumnal Brunch

My main idea for the following recipes was to create a very warming, comfort food level menu. Matcha gives a ghoulishly eerie colouring and fine sweetness to the nut cake and crowns the cups of delicious vegan cream lattes.vegan-glutenfree-halloween-brunch-menuPumpkins, black salsify, and mushrooms are nicely “autumnal” and in-season; pickled beetroot tartar ist layered with mashed potatoes/ sweet potatoes for a tangy touch; and the tangy, subtly bitter rowanberry sauce kisses pumpkin & pumpkin spice mini breads baked in mini gugelhupf moulds.

Recipe Time:
Stuffed Pumpkins, Mashed Sweet Potato,
Mini Breads, Nut Cake, Aquafaba “Merengue”

Start by baking the nut cake first as you need it to cool down completely before you can top it with the fluffy aquafaba & matcha foam.

Soaked nuts (I use a mix of hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews, but adjust to your liking – pure roasted hazelnuts are brilliant, as is a blend of almonds with macadamias) are pureed with about 150 to 200 ml water, then drained (the liquid should be creamy and white, this is our homemade nut cream for very delicate vegan coffee lattes).Halloween-Menu-2015Preheat the oven (180°C). Mix the nuts with 50 g coconut oil, 60 g coconut sugar, 1 tablespoon baking soda and salt and vanilla to taste. Blend well to obtain a nicely smooth mix. If it looks too runny (say, if you haven’t drained the nuts well enough) add one or two tablespoons of a gluten-free flour or flour mix. Place into an 18 cm springform pan lined with baking paper. Bake for about 30 minutes but watch the cake – should the top start looking too dark too soon, cover with a sheet of baking paper.

The nut cake looks small but trust me: it’s in your best interest to keep this waistline killer tiny! 😀

Next, bake potatoes and sweet potatoes (half and half) for mashed potatoes. Proceed as with your go-to mashed potato recipe, but I recommend seasoning it to taste – some people like the added sweetness, others don’t. I do 🙂 so I add pumpkin spice and chili flakes!

Simple deco tip: using a Halloween themed cookie cutter – I’ve got a bat; I like bats – cut several shapes from slices of sweet potatoes, season these well with salt, pepper, generally with the spiciest, smokies seasonings you like and bake with the potatoes until ready: you’ll put the “bat chips” on top of the stuffed pumpkins 😉 For spice, I love Tango Spice by Herbaria which is basically a BBQ/steak seasoning, but oh so gorgeous with veggies and potato wedges!

Chop pickled beetroot and layer it in individual glasses; top off with a smaller amount of beetroot “tartar” and top off with roasted vegan marshmallows.Halloween-Brunch-Menu-2015Next, it’s time to roast the pumpkin halves, brushed with organic canola oil and rubbed with pumpkin spice, at 180°C until tender – a wooden stick should easily pierce the skin.

Onions, black salsify, and mushrooms are fried with powdered ginger and pimento until soft, then seasoned with fresh rosemary and salt, and deglazed with a sip of red wine to obtain a very savoury veggie stir-fry. Don’t forget freshly ground pepper. Nom!

Once the pumpkins are ready, put them out of the oven, fill with the stir-fry – and bake the spicy mini breads. (Once the mini-breads are ready, turn off the oven and put the stuffed pumpkins back to keep them warm.)Sweet-Potato-BatsThe “bat chips” are added before serving!

To obtain approx. 16 savoury mini breads that look like little gugelhupf cakes (hint: put two together – they will have a very fun similarity to a pumpkin), blend 80 g gluten-free flour, 30 g pureed pumpkin, 30 g vegan yoghurt (Provamel), 6 tablespoons coconut sugar, salt, pumpkin spice, 1 egg or 1 egg replacer, and 3 tablespoons whipped, unsweetened aquafaba or chickpea brine (a fabbo whipped egg white replacer!) and bake in oiled silicone moulds at 180°C for 14 minutes.

Now that the mini breads are baking, and we’ve mentioned chickpea brine – whaaaat? – let’s talk about AQUAFABA.aquafaba-matcha-cake-toppingAquafaba is the, The, THE perfect egg white replacer – the base for veganised marshmallows, macarons, and merengue! Yes! They are totally doable now!

Basically you need just the salted water from a can or glass of chickpeas: whip-whip-whip for some 3-5 minutes and you won’t believe your eyes.

For the small nut cake, we’ll need roughly the half of the brine from a standard can of chickpeas. In between whipping, add 2 mocha spoons of matcha and confectioner’s sugar (I use powdered coconut sugar) to taste. Decorate the nut cake before serving.

To decorate coffee mugs and water glasses, brush the rims with honey or a not-too-runny sirup and dip in Green Ice Crystals 😉

And Celebrate!

Don’t forget to present your guests with our Alchemist’s Finest Goodies 😉Halloween-Matcha-Giveaways-LurkingWhat are you doing this Halloween? Do tell!

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