A Sweet DIY: Halloween Party Hostess Gift or Guest Giveaway

Alchemy gifts, anyone? This Halloween, turn very simple ingredients into eerie and magical powders and dusts!

As I was preparing this year’s Halloween treats and gifts, two thoughts collided: first, most of us consume way too much sugar, and, second, everybody loves sweet gifts, the more so if they come with some health benefits.

And this was also the moment when this very DIY project was born: incredibly quick, really easy, super fun – and probably one of the healthiest ideas for such a candy-heavy event as Halloween!

DIY-halloween-goodies-with-matcha-powderGreen tea is a staple in my pantry, as it can help boost metabolism and lower blood sugar (and some varieties can even help with hayfever). Adding matcha-enriched sugar substitutes such as xylitol or coconut sugar, powdered or granulated, to the desserts “greens” them up – as part of a balanced diet, of course.Sugar-Substitutes-Infused-With-Matcha-Powder

How To Make DIY Matcha Sweeteners
Alchemy Ingredient Gifts


I’ve made up names that could easily appear in my favourite books or games:
“Green Ice” Crystals for xylitol because it has a cooling effect if you eat it as is; Royal Dragon Orchid (Dust) for the powdered coconut sugar – it’s super delish dusted over pastries! Makopuzu Root Powder for the granulated coconut sugar. This, to be honest, was my sweetheart’s idea, and stands for “Matcha-Kokospuderzucker”. Which is German for powdered coconut sugar 😀 but also sounds a bit like some mysterious, exotic plant root:

DIY-Matcha-Treats-HalloweenTip: use the back side to add a recipe idea that you write on the washi paper. Xylitol with matcha and coconut sugar are great for granola, granola bars – and for quick baking recipes (like mini pastries); powdered sugar with matcha is great to top cakes, cupcakes, or Halloween-themed beverages like homemade pumpkin spice lattes.

And now, in anticipation:



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