Healthy Halloween Best Of: Recipes, Treats & More

It’s that time of year again: Samhain/ Halloween. A very BEAUTYCALYPSE time as we’re facing many potential toxins and yet have the best options to green up the most blood-curling of horrors.

This collection of recipes, entertaining ideas and information on seasonally occurring toxins has grown together with BEAUTYCALYPSE. I hope you love the classics – I didn’t want you to miss them – and the new posts that are coming next!

Food & Treats:
8 Healthy, Delicious and Spookishly Simple Recipes

1. Super-quick, healthy, vegan, gluten-free, seasonal, with beauty superfoods:
Simple Halloween menu.
2. Cooking with ready-made risotto mix:
Quick Pumpkin risotto (vegan & vegetarian options).
3. Make these vegan/ gf chocolate, wasabi & matcha treats:
Double-Spice Crunch Bites (from Hell).
4. Make your own vegan and gluten-free chocolate bark:
Matcha explosion choc bark.
5. Vegan, gf, applesauce-based pancake batter waffles:
Pomona’s Favourite.

Decorations, Costumes, Entertaining:
Go Tox-Free!

1. Better safe than sorry: Be prepared and beware of the Unwanted Toxic Horrors.
2. Invitations, decorations, and entertaining: My best tips for tox-free Halloween days.
3. Halloween nailart: doodling with a gel liner on a ‘canvas’ of water-based nail polish.
4. Last minute Halloween costume: Elegant Vampire.
5. Spooky reads + blood-drenched* cookies: Spooky Boo!kshelf & Dracula’s Cookies.
* Porridge & cherry cookies glazed with blackcurrant jelly

Speaking of entertainment – after binge-watching Fear The Walking Dead, I got soooo hooked on the Witches of East End tv show. It’s telenovela level script (guessing the next turn of events makes for a sweet shot drinking game), the SFX are so-so. But it has witches! And damn cool actresses – Julia Ormond, Mädchen Anouk. The real horror is that the show’s been cancelled. Meh 😦 I liked it, it reminded me of Charmed. And of my all-time-fav Bell, Book & Candle movie. So if any of you have suggestions of similar shows for me to binge-watch this Halloween, speak in the comments!

New in 2015…

1. An Unexpected Halloween Ingredient (part of the series “Underrated Powerfoods”)
2. Autumnal Brunch Menu aka Halloween Party
3. A Sweet DIY: Halloween Party Hostess Gift or Guest Giveaway

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