Life With A View

Why I think that the view from your room matters for your values and wellbeing as much as it does for the values and wellbeing of the community.

Lately I heard somebody say that we aren’t what we think we are but what we do.

It’s simple, simplistic even, but it’s true: it’s what we Do on a daily basis that defines who we are – not what we Think We Should Be Doing.

Whether we’re achieving or creating, going with the flow or leading on, working out or watching TV. (And by the way, I really do believe that if most of us took notes on what we did throughout the day, we would find that “sought-after”, motivational kick in the butt for finally changing our life.)

Our values, our beliefs, they might define what we think we should do, but in the end only what we do matters, good or bad, creative or destructive, beautiful or ugly.


I read a lot about decisions these days. There is that belief, quite popular by now, that if you’d simplify your daily grind and create routines (think Sheldon Cooper bath time and breakfast schedule) you’d have more soul power to decide on things that are more important – the common belief seems to be that we only have a limited amount of decisive powers. And this seems to be true.

Of course, when it comes to our core values, we can decide in their favour no matter what.

But when it comes to more practical, rational decisions, the noisy world in combination with the solid semi-knowledge that most of us acquire by the time we reach legal age, start bugging us. We can’t decide. We start feeling drained.

Digression: whenever I start feeling drained, it’s either time to drink a glass of water, to do eye exercise, to meditate or to have a nap. Trust me: it works not just for me. Digression over.”

So if we look again at all those decision-making processes we have to go through during just one day, from small and mundane ones to emotional, and to the Very Important onces, laden with consequenses, we realise that psychologists (ironic to have this word in the same post that mentions Sheldon Cooper, heh?) are probably right and we probably should have more routine(s) and more pragmatic rules to go by.

Why is this issue important for a clean’n’green Quest anyway?

An example.

Now that the colder days are upon us here in the NH, would you prefer to wear a fleece or a wool jacket?
A vegan would choose synthetic. It’s vegan, right? Easy.
Even an eco activist in the making might choose it – it might be recycled fibre, after all.
An athlete who needs outdoor clothes would choose synthetic; it’s functional.
Finally, a person with a wool allergy would choose synthetic, or at least, if these two options were presented.

But now guess what.

Everytime your synthetic clothes – fleece, microfibres, polyester and acrylics, you name it – enter your washer, they release microbeads into the water. Hi there, plastic debris in the oceans. 

(I wrote about it last year, but here are recent scientific sources: Accumulation of Microplastic on Shorelines Woldwide, National Geographics Video ‘Fleece to Food’)

And this is just One thing of so many.

So how do you not tire thinking about all of this!?
How do I?


I do. I get super mega uber tired at times. As an individual and as a professional.

I see changemakers fight, celebrate and struggle. Hey, there’s a reason why this place is called beautyCALYPSE. To me, the world is pretty much wrecked, and while I think that the Matrix allegory is beaten dead, it still resonates a bit if you know the facts behind the glossy picture. It’s not an easy place.

But what always helps me are pragmatic solutions. The die another day conundrum. Too dramatic? Okay: the “can we pull a Scarlett O’Hara and enjoy the sunset?”-conundrum.

It’s tremendously helpful as well to know WHY you’ve made a certain decision. 

If you know why you decided to do this and that, you are not dogmatic. You can decide anew if you get new data. It’s flexible, and it lives up to your values as much as it’s pragmatically possible.

Now, knowing that many of you are on a Great Green Adventure of your own, I understand that you, too, might get frustrated. Sometimes it’s the small things. Sometimes it’s the bigger picture. Sometimes you look for answers but find more questions, look for guidance and find me who says “hey, I only can inspire you and share my knowledge, but you’ve gotta ask your own questions to find what’s best for you”. Duh!

But I believe in exchange and communications.

I might be able to look out of my window only, but if I can ask you what you see, and a dozen friends, too, together, we can see more of the world and more of its beauty. We can find better reasons for our decisions and feel better and connected.

By working together, we can grow and thrive as individuals and as a community.

We can’t avoid making decisions. To decide wisely, we need a good overview about what’s going on from many different points of view.

What’s outside Your window?




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  1. Heather in Arles

    This is an amazing piece of writing. Thank you, as always, for giving me a lot to think about and a kind nudge to my perspective…

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