Skincare Calendar October, November, December

October is here? Wait, what!? How did that happen? – The last Skincare Calendar post in 2015 holds some wisdom that will help you enjoy the last months of the year.

Not just with Halloween (and, for our US-friends, Thanksgiving) round the corner is October a month of social activites and changing wardrobes.



Ah, tis this time again!
I’m talking, of course, about portable disinfectants and about washing your hands properly.

Every doctor will tell you: washing hands with soap for 20 seconds minimum (equals singing the Happy Birthday song twice, promises the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne, Germany) can actually save you from the next infection.

As for disinfectants, go for Triclosan-free options, organic would be best. In theory, you can of course DIY your own with organic alcohol and your favourite essential oil. Personally however I prefer Dr Bronner’s excellent one. I doubt that I can do better. Also it’s lavender-scented, so I get to daydream about my vacation everytime I use it! Not too shabby.


While we’re at the topic of hygiene, consider these 5 unexpected reasons for breakouts. Many readers have a light-bulb moment here because all five tips are as obvious as… easy to neglect.


And just like in January, like every season really, check your make-up bag for colours that yell “summer” too obviously to put them away and for skincare that’s past its BBD to bin it, for good.



Schedule them early in November: peeling treatments to be all radiant and renewed right in time for Christmas. If you’re the type for such treatments, that is.
Hey, my job is to remind you guys!


Beauty-wise November is the ugly Betty of all months: the fiery trees are naked now, October parties are over and Christmas is only in December.

In terms of skincare, we either have to get used to severe colds or endure a semi-wet, semi-gray month of dull nothingness. It seems logical that our faces look grey as well, non? – Miles out! Get as much skin-loving, carotene-rich foods as you can and treat yourself to as much unfiltered sunlight as is good for you (we’re talking Northern Europe here of course, where the sun leaves for hibernation between October and March).


Bad hair days are in season now that we have to wear hats: bad hair days, frizz, dry and brittle, Frankenstein’s bride-electrified hair. My go-to routine for sleek winter hair is: wash hair once a week; rinse with slighty acidic lemon water; apply broccoli seed oil to wet hair to straighten and strengthen the tresses.

Plus an extra tip: if all hair ties end up breaking or damaging your hair, consider making your own scrunchies from old or cheap stockings – you can thank me later 😉



Hand care.

Seriously, that’s what people google all the time in winter: how to fix dry, chapped hands. Anyone who asked me this question in real life seems to have lived under a rock when gloves were invented. Protect your skin from the elements, and save on expensive skincare enriched with Q10 or Omega 3 and all the other fancy numbers. Just so you get me right: I love those fancy numbers 😉 But if you don’t damage your hands’ skin, there won’t be anything to fix!


Are you suffering from dry air in your office or home, too? I know, right. How on Earth are you supposed not to get dry, rabbit-red eyes or respiratory problems when your skin and complete body are literally blown dry day in day out?

For this skin problem, if you can’t remove the cause and gotta work on the symptom, most recommendations for keeping the skin hydrated during longer flights apply. Drink sufficient amounts of water (let this article on hydration be of service), layer your moisturiser thinly under your foundation, spray on a hydrating toner in-between (I recommend hydrolates, for example how about organic rose water?)


And that’s it, Adventurers.
Thanks for joining me for the fourth edition of the 2015 BEAUTYCALYPSE skincare calendar!

Questions, rants, doubts, ideas, – oooops, missing something?
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  1. I read this post and kept picturing a calendar hanging in my office that would highlight skin and life care tips for each month 🙂

    p.s. I finally picked up some broccoli seed oil so now I can test out your frizz fighting tip!!

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