Summer Vacation Giveaway! *Closed*

Why no new posts will appear until Mid-September – and a bit of entertainment & excitement for you meanwhile 😉

Christmas-in-September-Giveaway-BEAUTYCALYPSESummer vacation! Weeks of offline fun! Whaaat? – Yes, you read right: no new posts will appear here until Thursday, September 17, Monday, September 21 😉 2015 – BEAUTYCALYPSE goes on a summer break, in the sake of inspiration, productivity and a healthy work-life balance. Yay! The decision to have a break, from blogging too (Gasp! No, no FOMO), felt like Christmas in summer to me, …aaaaaand here’s where I had the glorious giveaway idea.

I love to entertain (and to spoil) you guys, so while I’m gone, have fun with my International Giveaway – Christmas in September! All items were hand-picked and purchased by me for you, my readers. 

The reasons behind purchasing the items for BEAUTYCALYPSE giveaways are quite simple; and no, “I won the lottery” isn’t one of them 😉 – here we go:
1. I want to stay independent. Period.
2. I don’t do a lot of shopping anymore; with all my ethical and ecological criteria and aesthetic requirements, it’s not too easy to find a perfect piece of garment, of jewellery; not even a mascara. However, when I do find a brand I love, it becomes my source of inspiration and the most beautiful opportunity to be able to pick a present for a friend without hesitation or headache. I love to share those finds with my real-life friends – and with you.
3. Free stuff is just that: free stuff. No offense here, but I want BEAUTYCALYPSE giveaways to stay special, to appreciate you, the readers, to appreciate the beauty of a gift, and, ultimately, to appreciate the gift itself, the product – created by someone who wanted to make the world a little better. It’s not stuff. It’s a treasure.

Discover now the five lovely, fabulous, eco-ethical prizes for five lucky people to win:BEAUTYCALYPSE-giveaway-Christmas-in-September1. JEWELLERY: handmade eco-silver earrings CURVE (€112), by new eco-fair fashion brand M of Copenhagen
2. BABY’S SINGBIRD: lovely music pillow, linen and cotton (€49), by Toshka Berlin
3. FOR HIM, FOR HER – FAIR, ORGANIC & VEGAN DENIM & MORE: a Manomama €50 shopping voucher, redeemable:
4. HOT COUTURE: sequined straw clutch (€59) by ethical brand Abury
5. FRAGRANCE of PEACE, FOR HIM & FOR HER: The 7 Virtues first and latest vegan, paraben- and phthalate free EdP – Afghanistan Orange Blossom and Patchouli of Rwanda, 50ml and 68€ each

And here in more detail; click on the images to view a larger size photo:


You could’ve spotted manomama in my best of 2014 post; and here you can explore all my The 7 Virtures posts, interviews and reviews. I haven’t reviewed other brands yet, but they are just as lovely and brilliant.

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY you have to fill in and send the form below before Sunday, September 20th 2015, 23:59 CET (=UTC +1). The winner is chosen via

BY ENTERING THE GIVEAWAY YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS & CONDITIONS: The giveaway is hosted independently and free of compensation by, not affiliated with any company mentioned in this post and open to everybody worldwide. To enter, participants must fill in the form below properly. The condition to be eligible for the giveaway is to be following with WordPress or via email updates. The information collected from the contact form below is not shared, not sold, and used only to verify if the entry complies with the giveaway rules as well as to contact the winner. The giveaway ends SEPTEMBER 20th 2015 at 23:59 CET (=UTC +1), the five winners are chosen via and informed on September 21st 2015. In addition, the winners will be announced with their first name in this post’s update. Each winner has to get in touch with me within 24 hours after my notice has been sent or published to provide her or his address, or another winner will be selected (check updates in this post). Prizes cannot be shipped to post-office boxes; shipping is free for the winner. The winner agrees that his or her address, email and physical, might be given to one of the shops in order to take care of international shipping. The prizes are unassignable, nontransferable, and may not be given, bartered, sold, or exchanged for cash or another prize. Errors and omissions excepted. All decisions are final, no right of appeal.


Please take your time – only posts filled in correctly will qualify.
The condition to enter the giveaway is to be following with WordPress or via email updates; Bloglovin’ and Twitter are optional.

You can earn up to 3 entries to maximise your chance to win. The number of entries depends on the tools and social media you use to follow BEAUTYCALYPSE posts.
An additional, fourth entry is given for a comment to this post (comments are moderated so they might not appear immediately) – in your comment, tell me what you’d do if you’d be BEAUTYCALYPSE Reader of the Year 2015. What green’n’clean or maybe toxic topic would you investigate with me? What would you like to ask? I can’t wait to hear!

Good Luck, Adventurer!

P.S. Watch this space for giveaway updates.


Please watch out for my email with the subject line “ Giveaway Christmas in September”, dear:
Sonja (prize #1, eco silver earrings by M of Copenhagen),
Marta (prize #2, songbird pillow by Toshka Berlin),
Din (prize #3, manomama online store voucher worth €50),
Kata (#4, Abury sequined clutch)
and Francesca (prize #5, two scents by The 7 Virtues)!
If you don’t see it yet, check your spam folders.

All winners, please email me your valid postal address (no PO boxes) so your prize can be shipped to you. Make sure to answer within 24 hours, otherwise another winner will be selected, such are the rules to this game.

To prevent potential misuse, for such is the Internet: in my email I only ask for your address, never for money or any login details or any other specifics whatsoever!


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  1. diealex

    I have a big research project. I’d like to have a list of cosmetic products that are (mainly) natural, organic and fair trade, without palm oil, preferably vegan and free of nasty ingredients such as alcohol or harsh flavours.
    Should be a lot of work and result in a very short list…
    Have a nice summer break!

  2. I would definitely love to learn more about oil like Peta. Somehow they do not seem to work with my super dry skin and make the skin either even more dry or I tend to break outs. Further I am so curious to find more eco fashion, more store inspirations in the city,…

  3. Peta Kovarikova

    Hi, I would be interested to learn more on how to select oils according to the content of oleic and linoleic and tip for “natural” compact makeup compact (i heard something about NU Evolution)

  4. ydntkmn

    As someone very new to green beauty, one frustrating thing is that green makeup products just do not work as well as conventional products. I am interested in searching up products or methods so green makeup products deliver the same results as conventional products.

      1. ydntkmn

        The most disappointing so far has been eyeliner! I got the Zuzu eyeliner but the staying power is terrible. The eyeshadow colors are also not as vibrant.

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