App Roundup: To Heart Real Hard | On My iPhone #1.2

White Magic right there at your fingertips: feed the hungry (Share The Meal), boycott the toxic (Codecheck), and sleep like a baby (Windy). 

Feed The Hungry
(Your tools: smartphone + credit card)

Adventurer, do you consider charity text codes and calls at TV celeb lines a waste of time and money? That’s exactly what I think, and I believe in supporting a cause with a bit more than a snippet of code.
However, the amazing free app Share The Meal (supported by the United Nations World Food Programme) that premiered in Austria, Germany and Switzerland this summer has won my heart:ShareTheMeal-App-Review-Screenshots-German{App screenshots; Right: maximum donation for one year}

This iOS/Android app enables the user to transform, with magical two clicks, 40 Eurocents into enough food to feed one child for one day. And if you think, upon reading this last sentence in particular, that we live in a completely, infinitely and painfully effed up world, yes, I second that!
In the moment, Share The Meal focuses on WFP projects in Lesotho.
Languages: German, English.

>>> Get informed about hunger in the world of 2015 
>>> Check out the Share The Meal website for more facts
>>> Get it now here: Apple Store | Google Play

UPDATE! Boycott The Toxic
(Your tool: smartphone)

I have been babbling about the formidable Codecheck database ever since launching BEAUTYCALYPSE, and it doesn’t look like I am going to stop anytime soon. The free app that’s available in German for Austria, Germany and Switzerland, relaunched in May 2015, is a favourite.Codecheck-app-review-screenshots{App screenshots}

Not only does the current version help you avoid toxic (and unethical) ingredients in beauty and foods, be it endocrine disruptors, questionable synthetics, microplastics, nanoparticles, and conflict palm oil, it also comes with a sweet filter for all affected by lactose/gluten allergies or sensitivities:
The filters are easily set up within seconds and instantly reload your product results – here you see me checking off endocrine disruptors, silicones, aluminium, microplastics, nano particles and triclosan which immediately affects my selection of body peelings.
Language: German.

>>> Check out the online database
>>> Get the barcode app now: Apple Store | Google Play

Sleep Like A Baby
(Your tools: iPad/iPhone/iPod + ibed)

And finally, let’s not lose our sleep over all the things gone wrong in the world. I am serious. Ethical heroes have to fight against all kinds of evil forces (some of which got cookies, and some got chips) and so they need their share of sleep.
The app Windy costs $1.99 and has no in-app purchases – though you can get nice additions for sharing it – and it unites modern storytelling and white noise backdrop. It is a labour of love: the artists and developers have whipped up the perfect meditation and bedtime book for the new age – impeccable soundscapes, endearing 3D parallax illustrations, movie-level 3D soundtrack.Windy-app-review{Left: Windy app cover. Right: how the recordings were made}

Here’s one more image, from the app makers directly, which demonstrates the mesmerising movement the best:Windy_2
Masking the noises of the world outside (oh, what a bliss for city dwellers), the app allows you to customise your own little bedtime story that will help you unwind, relax, fall asleep and, ultimately, wake up in a crystal-clear, serene, powerful state of mind, able to slay your dragons before breakfast.
Languages: German, English.

>>> Watch Windy trailer
>>> Get the app: Apple Store

Cheerfulness-Quote-Leonard-CohenI hope you’ll find at least one, ideally all these apps, just as beautiful and useful as I do and, as usual, keep your thoughts coming!


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  1. Somehow I missed this great post, thanks to the update I found it now. Codecheck is on my phone since years now I think as you mentioned it from time to time 😉 It also helped me to check my remaining cosmetics I bought a long time ago. Last week I check a baby body lotion in the supermarket. I was quite surprised that mineral oil based ingredients and palm oil was included. I mean we talked about a care product for babies!

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