My New Beauticians In A Jar!

No matter which beauty philosophy you choose, these steps will come up in any skincare routine: Exfoliate & Protect. And today we’re looking at 2 masks that do just that… 

– and excellently so! If you’re pressed for time to read the complete review, here’s the headline first:

Active Enzyme Exfoliator + Cacao Antioxidant Mask = firm, rosy, healthy, radiant skin with tightened pores, a resurfaced texture, and an overall rejuvenated look.

Want a piece of that?
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Josh Rosebrook Skin & Hair Care:
Natural Beauty – for a Natural Body

“A renewed appreciation for quality acknowledges
that the best rarely comes out of a factory.”

– Josh Rosebrook, Manifesto

I’ve stumbled upon Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care on… Twitter – among my US- and Canada-based green pals, the Man is nothing short of legen – wait for it – dary. Here in Germany the brand’s genuinely all-natural products are available exclusively through a niche Berlin beauty parlour and hair salon MDC Cosmetics, located in the hip borough of Prenzlauerberg.

I took me a little while to just get there (in April), and it took until August to really test-drive the masks that I was so drawn to both in terms of their 100% active ingredient formulas and the bold promise of intense skin rejuvenation: the Active Enzyme Exfoliator and the cult Cacao Antioxidant Mask.

Review: Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Absolutely impressed as I am by the Dr Alkaitis enzyme mask that I’ve sworn by for nearly two years, I must acknowledge with a certain amount of tristesse that it contains oat, and I do have a couple allergy-related issues with that plant. Duh. So sometimes the mask would skyrocket my skin to smoothness bliss – but on a bad day I might as well end up with a rash and extreme dryness.

While I completely stand behind my earlier positive review, I must admit I’ve been looking for an alternative since maybe last autumn.Enzyme-Exfoliator-Mask-Josh-Rosebrook-ReviewJosh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator caught my attention due to the impressive ingredients list that reads like Getafix’ shopping list if the Druid decided to whip up an acne-fighting, pore-minimizing, balancing super potion: organic honey, organic vegetable glycerin, organic lecithin, organic herbal extracts of neem leaf, yucca root, sage, stevia leaf, eyebright, echinacea, fennel powder, horsetail, bilberry, chickweed, comfrey, slippery elm, peppermint, bladderwrack, lavender flowers, calendula flowers, white willow bark, skullcap, ginkgo leaf, green tea, alfalfa, hawthorne berry, gotu kola, marshmallow root, St. John’s Wort, yerba mate, Solomon’s Seal root, rosemary leaf, papaya enzyme, walnut shells, plant sourced xanthan gum, organic essential oils of lemon, cypress, fennel.

While not vegan, it does not contain palm-oil derived ingredients, and as I have stated earlier, I am rather tolerant towards organic honey.Enzyme-Exfoliator-Mask-Josh-Rosebrook-TextureThe application is standard: apply this greenish-brown, slightly doughy texture gently, in circular motions to your face avoiding the eye area, wait for 10 minutes and up to 1 hour (I usually manage to keep it set for 45 minutes if I spray mineral water on in-between: I find the mask hard to scratch off my skin without this step), rinse and behold: your skin looks rosy, radiant, firm and the pores appear miraculously refined. No dryness, no rash occurs – however, we remember: anything plant-based that has an effect can have a side-effect, too, for example, cause allergies/ other skin reactions.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the recipe are the tiny walnut shells – those little buggers are the rather nasty part of the rinse, as they tend to cling to just about everything. Clumsy old me has to watch her hands closely in order to not get the particles near the eyes because that, my friends, that would be a real Eyemageddon situation.

Price and packaging info: full size sells at $/€60; refill size at ¢/€25.
Note on refill jars: the texture tends to get dry in the refill jars, so it’s no mistake to add a tiny bit of water to the dollop you’re applying.

Review: Cacao Antioxidant Mask

When I’m done with the Enzyme Exfoliator, I do the step 2 and apply the gorgeous looking (and deliciously fragrant!) Cacao Antioxidant Mask. It smells somewhat like a whiskey-infused mousse au chocolat, made from the best cacao and the least sugar possible.Cacao-Antioxidant-Mask-Josh-Rosebrook-ReviewThe Cacao Antioxidant Mask is vegan-friendly, again free form PO-derivates, and otherwise made of gorgeous skin-balancing and soothing ingredients: structured vitamin water, distilled water, organic cacao powder, organic witch hazel extract, vinegar, organic oils of: almond and grape seed, herbal infusion os: lavender flowers, ginkgo leaf, alfalfa, bilberry, neem leaf, comfrey, marshmallow root, skullcap, St. John’s Wort, yerba mate, sage, bladderwrack, papaya leaf, hawthorn berry and clary sage; organic coenzyme Q10, organic essential oils of: orange, lavender, rosemary, calendula.Cacao-Antioxidant-Mask-Josh-Rosebrook-TextureApply and let it work its miracles for up to 45 minutes. A little twinge can occur, also your skin is likely to become visibly rosy. When you rinse, you shouldn’t be looking like someone has poured red water all over your face, though.
Packaging & price info: 1.5 oz at ¢/€60, 0.5 oz at $/€25.

Conclusion: The Double-Trouble Effect

If you do the double trouble thing like Yours Truly, you end up having a 90 minutes treatment that leaves your skin in balance, rosy, fresh, “clean”, rejuvenated, firm, relaxed, with less wrinkles and less visible pores; inflammations are softened. I also experience the effect of “self-cleansing” pores for days after the treatment. And I find it hard to describe what I mean, but I’ll give it a try – those deeper pores that tend to get clogged, like, around the nose? Okay, so those would “de-clog” during simple make-up removal or just such a mundane activity as washing your face. Now isn’t that a wonder! 😉

Bottom line: 90 minutes of this double trouble – totally doable once a month to deep-cleanse your skin and to pamper it and give the blood circulation a sweet power boost.josh-rosebrook-hair-and-skin-care-treatmentIf you think that the price is somewhat steep, let me agree but make just one point:
Both masks are made for people who are A) either used to book beauty treatments and want to green up the procedure or B) are looking for a green, yet elaborate anti-aging or anti-inflammation treatment in the first place. And so the price looks much more reasonable put in the context of a monthly beauty treatment that ranges somewhere between €35 (if you’re lucky) and more like €95 at a beauty salon, organic or not.

And with this review (as always: no affiliates, no sponsorings, only honest reviews of ethically excellent products) I wish you a happy new month:
Enjoy August, this most relaxed, most ‘dolce far niente’ month of the year. What are you up to?


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  1. Josh Rosebrook is definitely brining green enthousiasts to a consensus. His line is superb. I have the mask too, but now you make me want to order the exfoliator as soon as possible! 🙂 xx

  2. Doesn’t the cacao mask smell amazing?! I love it. I have the travel size and a couple of days ago I used it by spritzing my face with toner before and during as I’d found that it tended to try out quickly but using the toner helped so much and I kept it on for a full 45 minutes and my skin loved me for it 🙂

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