Quest Report July: Cold Coffee, Hot Message

How to make your coffee less acidic, how to cook Ayurvedic meals, how many citrus fruits are good for our health – time for the Quest Report July!

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in-the-news1. MAJOR DRAWBACK IN JULY – time was a deeply precious resource in July: I’ve posted only seven posts (having planned a dozen, duh).
Lesson learned: constantly improving one’s time management sometimes is out of control, and it’s okay as long as you can see an end to that.

2. GREAT FUN IN JUNE & JULY: I’ve really enjoyed the new series of interviews: Joanna (Amalena eco ethical gold jewellery), Francesca (Natrue association) and Roman (Codecheck platform and barcode scanning app) work hard on making the world a better place, and I feel that it’s an important mission to learn what they do, to share their message and to support their work.
If you’ve missed these posts because your July has been as busy as mine, do check them out!

3. ACTUALLY SOMETHING I DID LEARN IN JULY: South-Indian, Ayurvedic cooking. My spice rack is exploding with all the new goodies, and my go-to recipes have received an exotic upgrade since an epic night at Goldhahn & Sampson.

4. NEW CULINARY LOVE: rosemary. Known for increasing our memory potential, this fragrant herb is perfect for many Mediterranean recipes – a diet still deemed one of the healthiest in the world. A perfect rosemary quiche, anyone? (Recipe coming next)

5. NEW FAVE COFFEE: forget filter!
My latest crush is cold brewed coffee. I hate it when coffee is too acidic, and cold brewing eliminates more than the half of the acidity, creating a insense, rich beverage that can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks. And since coffee in moderation is good for our health, look out for a coffee-related Alchemy Lab post with benefits, latest in research and, of course, recipes!

6. NEW PROOF FOR THE IMPORTANCE OF A BALANCED DIET (and for Paracelsus’ old adage “sola dosis facit venenum” – the dose makes the poison) comes from researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. They found out that consuming 45 grams or more of citrus fruit every day was associated with an increased risk of melanoma.
Sources: study; Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health news

7. IN THE NEWS IN JULY: a fascinating story unfolds in the news: a PETA video of animal cruelty on an alligator farm makes Jane Birkin ask Hermès to rename the Birkin bag (read on; Hermès denies any association with the farm shown in the report; PETA buys a share in Hermès. Looks like a development to watch, non?

What were your major drawbacks, happiest moments or lessons learned this month? Do share!

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