Things To Do In Berlin #6: Let’s Eat Cake

Looking for a delicious, artisanal pastry treat, birthday or wedding cake in Berlin? Visit this sublime, French style bakery and discover exquisite, spelt flour-based or gluten-free goodness. Bonus: open on weekends!

Following a gluten-free and (mostly) vegan diet, I am not really a cake aficionada myself and I prefer savoury to sweet anyway. However, even I do appreciate a good dessertand honestly, most vegan desserts leave me rather dissatisfied with the neverending cycle of always same cashews, dates and marple sirup – or am occasionally in need of a great, somewhat “conventional” birthday cake or another sweet treat that I can’t or won’t or just mustn’t bake myself.

A Little Bliss

And in such a case nothing beats Du Bonheur‘s unparalleled French treasures: bread varieties and brioches, croissants and millefeuilles, éclairs and tartelettes, cannelés bordelais, Kouign Amann… Almond flour mini financiers and macarons keep calling my name. 

You can enjoy the delicacies on the spot in the cosy café or at home. Get a fresh brewed coffee topped with whipped almond milk and a pain au chocolat in the morning; during lunch hours, get a fine soup or a savoury quiche; drop by after work for an apero (tip: Austrian Eiswein): Du Bonheur is not just bakery bliss – it’s metropolitan lifestyle. DuBonheur-Things-To-Do-In-BerlinThe founders Anna and Stephan have such an impressive professional background (including Demel, Pièrre Hermé, Ducasse, Joel Robuchon) that I’m honestly over the moon they’ve decided to settle here, in Berlin.DuBonheur-EclairVanilleDuBonheur-Berlin-CafeBakeryWhat else should a Berlin visitor know who has a sweet tooth to take care of?
All artisanal goodies are based on Du Bonheur own recipes – their very accurate yet modern renditions of beloved French classics are based exclusively on spelt flour, which is a great bonus for your digestion – even if you aren’t cursed with gluten allergy or sensitivity. Tip: seasonal varieties leave me in awe… Rowan berry macarons, anyone?DuBonheur-Macarons-Season

Check out the brand new Du Bonheur Website or like them on Facebook (that’s where you find seasonal updates and such vital info as company holidays!)
Find them here:
Du Bonheur
Brunnenstrasse 39, 10115 Berlin, phone +49 (0)30 56591955

Open Wed-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-7pm, closed Mon-Tue.
As always, no affiliates, no sponsorings.DuBonheur-CafeBerlin

Oh and I’m sorry to tease all of you Non-Berliners but seriously, how many reasons do you need to come on over? 😉DuBonheur-Eclairs-Macarons-CannelesBordelais



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