It’s All Roses!

Welcome to the latest Alchemy Lab post in which we explore… roses and their softly powerful benefits for our beauty and soul.

Oh, Rose! Queen of all flowers, symbol of love and great mysteries, the fragrant love-me-or-hate-me wonder of Nature, you hold magical benefits for our beauty and wellbeing.

Roses are used for food and spice blends in many cultures. In aromatherapy, rose oil is used for its soothing and mood-lifting properties; in Ayurveda it’s a universally beneficial ingredient that stimulates all senses.It's all roses – studies about the benefits of rose essential oil and favourite organic skincare products and food picks

Ingredient: Rose!

ROSE OIL (aka rose otto, attar of rose(s)) is the essential oil extracted from the petals of various types of rose through steam distillation. Used in cosmetics and food.

ROSE ABSOLUTE (aka absolue) is obtained through solvent extraction.
Use: perfumery, cosmetics.

Rose essential oils are quite a popular cosmetic ingredient for a variety of reasons:
+ anti-inflammatory benefits,
+ strong anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties,
+ wound-healing properties (through inhalation),
+ soothing properties on psoriasis and atopic dermatitis,
+ skin-barrier-reinforcing properties.
{Sources: anti-inflammatory properties of rose oxide; Tocopherol, carotene, phenolic contents and antibacterial properties of rose essential oil, hydrosol and absolute; Effect of “rose essential oil” inhalation on stress-induced skin-barrier disruption; Enhancement of keratinocyte differentiation by rose absolute oil; Dermocosmetics for dry skin: a new role for botanical extracts}

ROSE HYDROSOL (aka rose floral water, rose distillate and rosewater) is distilled from rose buds and used in food and cosmetics for its antibacterial properties.

There are two rose varieties used in cosmetics: damascus roses or rosa damascena and cabbage roses or rosa centifolia (rose hips, however, are a different species altogether – and you can check it out in my post Rosehips Don’t Lie); both are also used as a food ingredient throughout the cultures.Farfalla Rose AbsolueSacred Emily Rose Darjeeling by Paper & Tea, Berlin

Biopark Cosmetics Damask Rose Essential Oil

Silicumgel CMD Cosmoveda organic rose water (food-grade) Sleep Beautifully Night Cream Treatment LOVE, Kiss the Moon Manufaktur von Blythen rose syrup Rose Tea, Yogi Tea Organic rose petals, Sonnentor Red Clay Face Mask, White Witch

My personal rose-infused beauty and food (and drink) favourites are, among other:
> Noble Rose of Afghanistan EdP, The 7 Virtues
> Sacred Emily Rose Darjeeling, Paper & Tea
> Rose Tea, Yogi Tea
> Organic rose petals, Sonnentor
> Rose petal pepper, vinegar, spreads and more, Manufaktur von Blythen
> Rose Absolue, Farfalla
> Damask Rose Essential Oil, Biopark
> Rosewater, Kart – or Cosmoveda (the latter is a food-grade product)
> Silicum Gel with Rose EO, CMD
> Sleep Beautifully Night Cream Treatment LOVE, Kiss the Moon
> Red Clay Face Mask, White Witch
> Healthy Gum Drops, Living Libations

Have a very fragrant week, Adventurers!
Do *you* like roses or is their aroma too much for you?
Would you enjoy a rose darjeeling cuppa or add rose petal vinegar to your summer salad?


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  2. I’m sighing just reading this…Noble Rose is delectable. I adore rose (though oddly not the flowers themselves – just the scent). On the savoury side I do a mean rose petal masala.

      1. Rose ink…..sigh…..i’d want to write a million love letters….what happened to those in the age of texts!

        I’ll dig out my recipe book. It’s traditionally used for lamb so I tweaked various recipes for trout and vegan version with aubergine.

  3. I really enjoy the scent of real roses, but I can’t everything that is infused with rose scent. Not sure why but I can not smell it, does not matter if it is a moisturiser, food or drinks. Although everything sounds so good.

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