Things To Do In Berlin #5: Take Cooking Classes

Berlin is quite a foodie paradise these days with its fine to cutting-edge dining clubs, delis, specialty bakeries, restaurants, and OMG – cooking classes.

Do you go to cooking classes, Adventurer? Or do you prefer reading books and apps? Watching TV shows and YouTube channels? I am sure guilty of all of those 🙂

My Latest Obsession

Having discovered a fabulous South Indian restaurant in Berlin, my boyfriend and I got so obsessed with the clever, delicious, balanced way of Ayurvedic cooking that we wanted to learn the techniques and the tricks.

What I love the most about it:
Even rich, filling meals feel light; the aromas are complex; the mere variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes is breathtaking; naan bread gets a fantastic gluten-free twist thanks to chickpea flour – and there are really no overly complicated techniques. Instead, your time spent in the kitchen is rewarded with a healthy, nutritious, beautiful meal.

Choosing A Cooking Class

Goldhahn & Sampson is a Prenzlauer-Berg-based international foodstore and deli carrying finest pastry, bread, wine, rare spices, artisanal chocolates, recipe books, and – getting there 😉 – cooking classes.

They are in fact, notorious for these excellent classes (available in German and English) that span nearly all trendy cuisines and lifestyles – North African and South Indian, Japanese and Creole, French and German, British and Vietnamese as well as vegan, vegetarian, baking, wine tasting or street food classes… It’s also probably easier to list what they don’t offer!things-to-do-in-berlin-goldhahn-sampson-cooking-classes

Monsoon Masala @ Goldhahn & Sampson

The cooking classes are selected and bought online; the one we chose was called Monsoon Masala and was built around a vegetarian, Sattvic (perfect for Berlin-based yogis) six course menu comprising a rice dish tempered with grated coconut, herbs and peanuts; a spicy lentil soup sweetened with pineapple; bamboo shoot curry; creamy peach raita with ginger; rice and rice flour chapatis; an okra dish tempered with mustard seeds and coconut; a rice cake stuffed with coconut and jaggery and steamed in banana leaves.goldhahn-sampson-cook-book-paradisePicture above: the formidable selection of cook books at G&S.

Our teacher, Krithika do Canto, revealed that the menu was adapted from her mother’s and grandmother’s recipes – which made the recipes feel even more special and authentic.goldhahn-sampson-monsoon-masala-classPicture above: ingredients, lined up; dry roasted spices in the mortar; brutally looking coconut scraper.

After a short talk about the theory, the spices, the Monsoon season cooking and the possible substitutes for exotic and not locally available ingredients (asparagus instead of bamboo, why not?), our class got divided into three groups, each assigned with two recipes.

Helping the teacher was an assistant who really has brought clarity and a lot of cleanliness into a kitchen filled with a dozen frantic people occupying all pans and all hot plates rather simultaneously 🙂goldhahn-sampson-monsoon-masala-reviewThe cooking itself took maybe 1.5 hours, and after all six dishes were ready, we set out to fill our plates in the style the teacher had showed us and enjoy a wonderful meal together. By some G&S magic, the books at the table had made way for bottles of fine wine and lit candles, so the frantic cooking evening could dissolve into a great dinner night…

Goldhahn & Sampson address>>>
1. Website & Online Shop (English version)
2. Postal address, opening hours, and getting there: 
Dunckerstraße 9, 10437 Berlin
Open daily 8 – 20 h (Sat from 9-20, Sun closed)
In the Helmholtzkiez (next would be U-Bahn Eberswalder Strasse or tram stations Husemannstrasse/ Fröbelstrasse)
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