Skincare Calendar July, August, September

Summer is all about simple pleasures: fresh fruit and veggies galore, sunny weather making wardrobe choices easy, and Nature’s lush beauty.

And so, under the sign of heavenly, relaxing, lush simplicity and ease and dolce far niente and summer heat and warm nights and breezy days here come my personal skincare and lifestyle reminders for the warm season…



Woohoo! Vacation time! Yes, I have absolutely nothing (new) on my agenda in July. Everything I said in June is just perfect 😉
Gotta have a break from to-do lists, too!

However, if you happen to struggle with oily and/or acne-prone skin on warmer days – and for the record: I don’t anymore, thanks to a well-balanced nutrition/skincare regimen plus several years of endurance patience – here are my men-friendly skincare tips and my top three mattifying helpers.



Not exactly a skincare reminder, but as we are heading toward wearing sturdier shoes again, it’s nice to pay extra attention to your feet now – take your last chances to run barefeet; let foot gymnastics be a part of your workout and/or yoga routine. I highly recommend barre à terre moves or even basic ballet steps – the latter are totally doable as you brush your teeth.
>> Here I’ve shared a few tips on how I ditched high heels for good without giving up a (hopefully) beautiful walk


If you have acquired a nice tan by now, a little blush will be all you need to look radiant and fresh.



Prep skin and body for the change of weather, go with the temperature and colour scheme change: re-evaluate your dietary and skincare habits, have a nutrient check-up done, get a richer moisturiser if needed, pick autumnal colours for your make-up and repent, repent for the skincare sins of those sun-bathing days!


And as you update your wardrobe and switch to warmer clothes, try to be body-savvy, too: avoid garments that cut into your skin.

Measure well before you buy items like underwear, hosiery, shapewear, even belts for the sake of your… lymph.
Nobody cares if you got an XS or an XL, just make sure it feels truly comfortable.”

And yes, anything that leaves visible, tangible marks in your skin, scar-style, is just way too tight. And speaking of which: dear sock & bra manufacturers, can we talk!?

Questions, rants, doubts, ideas?
As usual, do share in the comments!

3 Comments on “Skincare Calendar July, August, September

  1. How far away do you think we are from 3D printers making us the perfect, just for us, bras? 😉

    • Gosh. Great question! I will look what the fashion meets tech conference next week will bring to the tables. There will be 3D printed jewellery 😉