Have Your Water – And Drink It, Too

Drink water, drink water, they say. But life gets in your way all the time! Here are 2 simple tricks that help keep track of your hydration tally.

The benefits

I suppose that even those living under the most ancient of rocks have heard the news: dehydration makes us feel drowsy and measurably lessens our reactions and our IQ.
Bad news first: your good-morning coffee latte, while certainly liquid, doesn’t count. As don’t sugared soda beverages and alcohol.stay-hydrated


Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston
have found that people who drink soda age quicker, and that
large amounts of soda are as aging as smoking cigarettes.
Soda drinks also increase the risk of developing kidney stones.
1) Soda and Cell Aging: Associations between Sugar-Sweetened
Beverage Consumption and Leukocyte Telomere Length
2) External Link Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

In terms of your hydration balance, herbal and green tea, fresh vegetable juices, as well as fruit juice spritz drinks (pure fruit juice is a simple sugars cocktail) are the good stuff.

Most nutritionists and doctors also agree that about 2 liters of water are needed for our brain and kidneys to function properly – and thus, to make us radiant in our beauty!

Water math: two liters of water = approximately eight glasses of water where each glass measures 250 ml or 8 fl oz.
Totally doable.

Life gets in the way…

Then why do we keep forgetting about it so often?
Well, because life!

Unless you can just carry around a large water bottle, getting 1 liter of water until noon becomes a veritable challenge.

Visual aid

I have actually two solutions that I find insanely helpful, no matter how simple they may sound. I hope I can give you ideas, too 😉

At home, in my kitchen, I have a chalk board where I have charted all our favourite tea cups and glasses, lettered with their measured volume.stay-hydrated-visual-help-and-reminderNow, it’s not art. It’s a visual aid. But you can make it as artsy and decorative and creative as you wish, just make sure to include all your fave cups, thermo bottles or even tea kettles.stay-hydrated-visual-reminderCuppa Golden Osmanthus, 320 ml, anyone?

Now, the chart trick is really helpful if you, like me, sometimes have a tea and water party, and mix and match your drinks to your liking. On a more frantic day however, it’s easier to just drink water (and be keeping count still).
To do just that, I have a convenient little helper – this little guy by Drinkitnow:stay-hydrated-drinkitnow-bottleYou just fill it up twice a day, morning and noon, and your glass bottle is your clock/reminder/hydration help:stay-hydrated-drinkitnow-bottle-afternoonI ❤ the little “Done!” in the end in particular!

Ideas for summer beverages

And just in case water is too boring for you, click on this image to read my beverage ideas post:staying-hydrated-recipes

Quench your thirst the healthy way, Adventurer! 😉


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  1. I’m passing this along to my son. We were discussing the health issues around sodas just last night, and the benefits of water with a little fruit added for flavor. (I’m happy with a couple of drops of lemon juice in my water and I’m almost always satisfied with that.)

    I also drink very little when I travel because travel gets slowed and delayed and, well… one doesn’t always have the access needed. Once I “land,” I drink plenty of water.

    On that note, I’ve only had one glass of water today… off to the filter for another glass with… you know what!

  2. Heather in Arles

    Oh dear, I so needed this. The temps have been 34-35° so I need to chug-a-lug – ok, more consistently and not all at once! 🙂
    We forget that our bodies are 70% water…

      1. Heather in Arles

        Yep, wired thinking that hasn’t always been correct. Such as my thinking that I could eggs were evil! 🙂

  3. A great little bottle. My Dad is only allowed to drink a certain amount each day. We have become very good at keeping track of his intake. For myself, I am plain negligent. I have never enjoyed fluid intake. 😦

      1. Yes, I am sure that is so. I know I did drink some fluids as a child but I was also a fruit hog; devoured watermelons, mandarins, oranges, pineapples……

  4. When I starting drinking the first liter in the morning I can feel how my body starts working. It’s a bit like the coffee some people need. Over the day it becomes less but I make it always to my two liters when I just have no sports on my schedule. Depending on the weather and activity level I need 3 to 4 liters. I do not like water that much. It’s enough to have a bit lemon added to make it yummy. I have the soul bottle ready first in the morning with 600ml. The only water I drink to be honest over the day. The easiest is tea. I like my smoothie with a lot water.

    By the way, cucumber water is my fav for the mornings when it’s really really hot already.

  5. I’ve found that once you get used to drinking those amounts you feel really strongly dehydrated whenever you drink less. So your body reminds you. Or me, at least. 🙂

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