Who doesn’t like a glass of cool water infused with the invigorating bite of fresh ginger? – My time-tested favourite is a quite luxurious skin mist, a Switzerland import called Ananné Tonicum.

A Brief Intro

INCI: Aqua, Zingiber Officinale (Water), SorbitolGlycerinGluconolactone, Hydrolyzed AlginMenyanthes Trifoliata Extract,  Sodium Benzoate,  Calcium Gluconate, Papaya Carica (Papaya) Leaf Extract,  Sodium Hydroxide.Ananne-TONICUM-review-INCIs

The product has an all-green rating on Codecheck.
Certified: BDIH, Vegan Society.

The Ananné TONICUM is your jam if:
Your skin can handle the active ingredients;
you swear by enzyme peelings;
you don’t mind spending 58€ on a 125 ml bottle (!).”

A Detailed Review

I love enzyme peelings (like those by Dr Alkaitis, reviewed here, and Josh Rosebrook), so my skin can handle an occasional active ingredient feast.Ananne-TONICUM-review-INCI-checkAnanne-TONICUM-review

The TONICUM does not only feel refreshing (it’s not like “another face tonic slapped on”, it leaves skin moisturised, baby-smooth, and worn overnight, looking well-rested – like a light serum) it’s also completely up my alley with the following BDIH-certified, vegan actives:

– Ginger water: a natural adstringent that tightens pores and boosts microcirculation
– Buckbean: anti-oxidative power
– Papaya leaf: skin-softening and rejuvenating effects

The formula is beneficial for dry and tired skin, as well as for acne-prone skin. Men-friendly, neutral packaging.Ananne-Made-In-SwitzerlandAnanne-TONICUM-review-BDIH-Vegan

Worth the €€€?

The 125 ml bottle lasts me for a year right now. The packaging says its past its shelf life but I haven’t noticed any change and keep using it. So I’d say that the cost-per-use ratio is rather excellent.

The Swiss company produces small batches making sure the products are always fresh. It’s definitely a top shelf product range but also has excellent quality and great skin-loving ingredients. So if you have a mother, a sister, a colleague who adore their tox-filled but highly priced and (over)rated brands called La This and La That – tell them to give Ananné a try.”

When to use:
– tone your skin prior to applying make-up;
– refresh in between on a hot summer day;
– moisturise your skin after make-up removal and skip the night cream altogether (summer and winter)

Where to buy:
Ananné web shop (switch to English version)Ananne-TONICUM

What is Your favourite skin tonic, Adventurer?
Is it a pure mineral water spray or do you prefer an active ingredients packed product?
Share in the comments!

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    1. The ginger is strong here. I suppose with just ginger water as the main ingredient it wouldn’t suit fragile or sensitive skin anymore 🙂

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