News For My German-Speaking Readers

Dear German-speaking Adventurers: select BEAUTYCALYPSE posts and brand new topics are now available ‘auf Deutsch‘ in the Hamburg-based yoga magazine Ginger. beautycalypse-news WHERE: Launched by the team of the immensely popular and award-winning German online yoga studio, Ginger is completely digital and focuses on the beauty, health, nutrition and lifestyle interests of a modern-day yogi. I am very pleased and honoured to have been asked to become their contributor, and am looking forward to this little adventure.

WHEN: Now! Two articles have been published already. So far I’ve committed to a limited series of articles until autumn 2015 and I’ll keep you posted on that.

WHY: Thanks to You, dear Adventurers, BEAUTYCALYPSE is a truly international place (where you guys come from seriously deserves a post series in its own right!), so keeping it English makes a lot of sense. However, I just love the opportunity of adding one more language to my creative output, I’d love to see where it leads to and who else we can motivate to join the ethical Quest!

WHAT: My Ginger articles will evolve around BEAUTYCALYPSE still-relevant posts and around brand new topics alike. So if you’re a German speaker, check it out here:


Schaut vorbei, teilt, kommentiert – und guckt auch gern in den BEAUTYCALYPSE-Archiven nach, welche Themen Ihr sonst noch gerne auf Deutsch lesen würdet! ❤


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