My Simple Healthy Recipes #22: Chilled Summer Stew Recipe (No Gluten, No Sugar, Vegan/ Vegetarian)

Refreshing and perfect on a scorching hot summer day, this recipe is easy to make with just two pre-cooked and otherwise all-chilled ingredients. + No broth needed. Bon apetit!

Hello again, Adventurer!

Summer is officially here. 30°C today in Berlin and you can imagine, yours truly has no desire whatsoever to turn on the stove – until the temperatures drop.

But do you know what bugs we with most chilled summer soup recipes? First: you actually cook them first and chill them later. Second: if they don’t require cooking, they most often than not require chilled broth.

Sure, I don’t know about you, but I simply never happen to have cold broth sitting in my fridge. Store-bought is also not really an option, cooking it just for some summer soup is out of question.

So, good for me, my favourite chilled summer soups are based on other delicious liquids AND they’re assembled from chilled ingredients.
Also because I like a hearty meal, I tend to make them thick like stews. Nom!!!Chilled-Summer-Stew-Beautycalypse-Vegetarian-Vegan-Option

Many cultures have summer soups, and this recipe is very loosely based on the Russian okroshka soup. Which in turn may be inspired by gazpacho. Which in turn… but I digress! 😀

Chilled-Summer-Stew-Beautycalypse-Vegetarian-Vegan-Option-IngredientsChilled-Summer-Stew-Beautycalypse-Vegetarian-Vegan-Option-Method-RecipeThe key to great taste here is to have a tart and even slightly tangy base – milk kefir, goat milk kefir, delectable vegan rosewater kefir or some wonderful kombucha a or, we’re slowly getting there, a tangy juice, tomato for example – and to pair it with fresh summery ingredients (cucumber, radishes), mild and filling ingredients (boiled potato, boiled egg), and lots of intense greens: dill and scallions. I’m also adding some lemon juice because the tomato juice is most often rather sweet, but you can skip it if yours is intense enough.
A note on adding ice cubes made of tomato and lemon juice: it’s entirely optional but it looks just great when this stew or soup is served during a lunch or a BBQ in a chilled soup turrine and maybe even ON ice. Tops!Chilled-Summer-Stew-Beautycalypse-Vegetarian-Vegan-Option-Served

Hope you like it, Adventurer.
Share in the comments what’s on your menu when it’s hot outside.
Do you go against the odds like me or do you embrace the heat and enjoy your BBQ days and evenings? 😉



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  1. Several years ago we had a wonderful chilled soup at a bbq which sounds remarkably like this. i’ll tuck away the recipe for summer!

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