Coral Hibiscus Manicure – Sound Five Days (11-Free Lacquer)

This latest addition to my collection of 11-free Korres polishes has a perfectly universal, suits-all-skin-tones, lush and vibrant summer colour – and a decent wear.

From the point of view of editorial planning, it’s a bit of a faux pas to talk nail polish this soon again, but first: who cares as long as it’s fun and, second, summer’s here, and the colour wants to be seen, dammit, Janet.

A reminder:
You can find a very detailed review of the Korres formula (+ four very pretty colours) in an earlier post.

One more reminder (I’m such a thoughtful blogger, non?):
Cheer on your favourite in the brutal battle of three polishes that all cut out over 9 toxins.

Korres polishes have a very decent, albeit conventional (aka solvent-based) formula that cuts out 11 different toxins. BTW:
If you’re curious and have a spare moment, find out about nail polish and how green it can be. I welcome discussions.

The problem with the Korres formula is that depending on colours the polishes behave differently. Pale and opaque shades chip earlier; darker and shimmer-infused colours cling to your talons like magnets.

But let’s look at the lush summery colour I promised you 🙂korres-44-coral-hibiscus-review

NAMESAKE FACT / Did you know:
Hibiscus (the flower) counts 232 species one of which is used in paper-making”

This universally pretty ’44 Coral Hibiscus’ makes pale skin look beautifully tanned while it’s on dark skin tones that the colour really, really wows. Depending on the light, the colour goes from hot pink with just a touch of coral in broad sunlight to a flashy coral red in the shadow or artificial light.

The coverage is not too opaque, and I usually hate this slight translucency but not this time and this ist why: the nails look more natural despite the intense glossy finish – that otherwise would look artificial. For instance, when I was wearing the Zao nail polish (mentioned in the battle post) on longer nails, I got asked what brand of artificial nails I was sporting! o_Ò

The wear is good: 5 days; 4 if you’re cooking or typing a lot.

Less talking, more looking?
You bet 🙂
korres-44-coral-hibiscus-manicure-11-freekorres-44-coral-hibiscus-swatch Korres-Hibiscus-Snapshot-Sunlight-Vosges

What are Your fave summer colours or colours that shout SUMMER, Adventurer?

Don’t forget: nail polishes, yes, the dried out old ones also, are hazardous/ special waste.



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  1. Gorgeous colour that sings sunshine. That colour would look fabulous on my toes with metallic sandals. I don’t like translucent generally though I suppose if you add a layer that’s taken care of?

  2. BLYSS chocolate

    ek . the old nail polishes are killers eh? …. dang… guess it is time to dump my gorgeous collection ;-/

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