The Quest report in May resolves mostly around better and healthier eating in a short, sweet and spoiler-free recap and June preview.

This Quest Report is going to be short – otherwise I’d create way too many spoilers for amazing stuff coming in June. Hint: Lots of interviews! More on understanding textile standards! A couple new design elements!
Exciting times 🙂

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10 Quest Goals – Or What I’ve Learned in May


1. My fascination for healing plants has yielded me an unexpected favourite in May: roses.Roses-are-redRoses are amazingly powerful plants – whether as a tea or a precious essential oil. Stay tuned for the next Alchemy Lab post 🙂


2. They definitely don’t make any mineral foundation to match the colour of my skin 😦 Finding a perfect match failed in April, and it failed again in May. Fail, fail, fail.Finding-Perfect-Foundation-For-Pale-Skin-Fail


3. Matcha Wasabi bars can be tweaked into a healthier and more versatile snack by using custom granola crunch (I suggest pistachios, hemp seed and puffed quinoa – just no added sugar) instead of bretzel crumbles. Check!Making-New-Matcha-Wasabi-Bars-With PistachiosNew-Matcha-Wasabi-Bars-With Pistachios

4. When veganising cake recipes that include condensed sweetened milk as an ingredient, melted vegan white choc is THE  weapon of choice. For the record: White (vegan) choc + matcha make for amazing mini guglhupf cakes, best served with a raspberry and white choc topping.Matcha-White-Choc-Gugl

5. [PRODUCT NEWS] Coconut sugar is now available in powdered sugar quality: great for summer desserts. Checkity-check!!!


6. My favourite hosiery brand are better eco & ethical quality than I’ve ever thought. Brilliant! Check.

7. Organic, fair and metal-free bras are a thing, and they are pretty fabulous, too! Check. (Review soon.)


8. Oil-based toothpaste and salt-based mouth rinse – does it sound crazy? It’s actually the best thing to keep the mouth healthy (and there’s more to come on that topic).

9. [PRODUCT NEWS] Vegan cooking has become even more versatile with absolutely exciting brand new organic plant milk blends (rice-coconut-pineapple!) and sugar-free organic plant-based yogurts (soy-almond, soy-coconut) by Provamel.New-Provamel-Yogurt-and-Milk


10. I’ve reviewed one of two new 11-free Korres nail polishes lately, and the summery coral pink mani is coming next.New-Korres-Colours-May-2015

And that’s just the ethical consumer part of the story 🙂

I’m looking forward to the new month now.
What about you, Adventurer?

12 replies on “Quest Report May: 10 New Things Learned

  1. I am seeing a lot of new products in our supermarket but have yet to see the rice-coconut-pineapple milk. Your reports keep me up to date. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to all of the good things to come in June! 🙂
    And for me that means our little organic garden popping to life…

    1. Oh yes, yes, your garden! *sigh* I need to somehow manage to drop by chez vous, even for an hour’s worth when I’m travelling in September!

  3. Ah yes…roses! I agree they are excellent in flower and human form. 🙂

    I have a question about the matcha wasabi bars. The original recipe calls for a bag of a certain type of pretzel, as an Aussie I have no idea what this is, so I have no idea of the amount involved — unless I haven’t read properly. How much is the new mixture suggestion please? 250g? More? Less?


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