Black Orchid Manicure – Seven Days and Counting!

My collection of 11-free Korres polishes has just grown with this artificial-nail-level glossy, deep bejewelled colour that stuns with pretty extended wear.

Adventurers, you will find a very detailed review of the Korres formula (and four colours) in a much earlier BEAUTYCALYPSE post. Here I just want to share with your my latest find and demonstrate how it’s often true that the same make-up product will wear and last differently depending on its colour.korres-new-swatchKorres polishes have the same formula that cuts out 11 different toxins but they all wear differently. Pale shades tend to chip earlier; and the wear gets better the more shimmer they have.

I’ve picked ’29 Violet Blue’ at the KaDeWe because I was looking for a new dark and shimmery, subtly berry-tinged shade. Something dramatic. ‘Violet Blue’ is dramatic at its best: the coverage is intense. The glossy finish is insane. The wear is killing me (seriously, I wish it had chipped, I want to wear something different but am too curious to see when it will start to disappear).

But behold 🙂

Korres-11-free-Nail-Polish-Ultra-Violet-Swatch-on-paperKorres-11-free-Nail-Polish-Ultra-Violet-New-ReviewKorres-11-free-Nail-Polish-Ultra-Violet-SwatchesKorres-11-free-Nail-Polish-Ultra-Violet-SwatchKorres-11-free-Nail-Polish-Ultra-Violet-Swatch-CloseUp-Shimmer-GlossFinishSo cool, right?

The pictures don’t even really show how it sometimes looks like dark chocolate at dusk and nearly black at noon; or how the underlying colour is really purple- if not red-tinged. Absolutely amazing the next swatch? 😉

Have a happy day, Adventurer!



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