Skincare Calendar April, May, June

My forget-me-not skincare agenda for spring and early summer (as usual, suitable for ladies and gentlemen) embraces the seasonal changes.

The first Skincare Calendar edition for Jan-March has been a big favourite with readers and Twitter followers.
And so I am browsing again through my personal seasonal skincare reminders and health & wellness goals again today.beautycalypse-skincare-calendar-april


In Middle Europe, the allergy season is in full bloom. If you’ve missed my post on the Benifuuku tea cure to fight allergic rhinitis symptoms, read it now.


Just like in January, check the MDD of your skincare goodies, make-up and medical ointments.


Again, in Middle Europe, April to October is the time to pay attention to them UVA and UVB rays. Agreed? Now let’s break down what it means.
First and foremost, no more intense peelings, no more retinol- or acid-based suncare until November: with the sun activity increasing, you’ll want all the protection you can get, not making your skin even easier to damage for the aggressive UVA rays. Also important now: paying attention to side effects of natural or pharmacologic remedies. Some, for example pills based on St. John’s Wort, are known for making our skin prone to sun damage. Finally, never forget to protect your eyes.

My personal sun blocking faves are my raspberry seed oil (vegan by definition) and my Badger Balm sunscreen (no PO, but sadly not fully vegan). And if you’re curious, read all about my personal, “holistic” if you wish, sun-blocking strategy S.T.A.C.Y.


If you think you must fake tan, remember that “pre-tanning” offers no UV-protection at all, that sun beds are the worst choice, and that all self-tan lotions with no exception are known for making your skin super-sun sensitive for at least 24 hours after use, increasing – attention, c-bomb ahead – the risk of cancer.
Personally, I like my greenish pale complexion but am not against occasional self-made bronzing products; these are my fave DIY recipes.



Beach and sun summer vacances ahead? The annual skin exam is due in May the latest, to make sure your skin can be safely exposed to the sun.


May is also the perfect month to prepare for them sweet and sour summer treats and to go see your dentist for a professional tooth cleaning and for a check-up.
On a related note: I am transitioning my dental care from classic to more ayurvedic and holistic (avoiding alcohol-based mouth rinse, using more essential oils, including daily oil pulling etc.), and wish there were more progressive dentists our there who follow a philosophy based more on healing and prevention.


Getting beach-ready! For those who prefer Brazilian and landing strips to fuller styles, May is the last month when laser epilation makes sense – if your skin is still fair and not yet sun-kissed, that is.



Beauty-wise: now is the time to check if your foundation is still a good (colour) match. Tweak to your liking with these tips.


Don’t forget your hands and feet during your daily skincare routine: while a great fun, gardening and cooking aren’t exactly your hands’ best friends – and whether a sandy beach or a dusty city street, your feet will love an extra boost of massage and moisturising as well. And certainly, don’t forget sunscreen on hands and feet!
Here is my time-tested routine for healthy hands and nails.


Hair care in summer means protection (water; UV rays; wind) and indulging in food that’s good for our hair.
You can read all about my hair care routine here; and I have collected the most hair-damaging hair care mistakes in this post.


Questions, rants, doubts, ideas?
What are Your plans for upcoming months?
Share in the comments!



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  1. Thanks for this tip! I came back six months later to get your spring calendar tips — inspired by this week’s autumn calendar tips post — and found your link to the parsley mask. I have parsley in the vegie garden so I’m doing this.

  2. Oh my, quite A LIST of points I need to catch up with. On top the professional tooth cleaning for a spring appropriate smile.

    However I am a lost case when it comes to the self-tan point. I need a hint. Not much, just a bit that I look healthy without make-up. I ordered something new from Amazingy and will try that. It’s for fair winter skin and I hope it will just add something like a glow. At least it is organic and does not contain synthetic ingredients. I will make sure that I do not see the sun for a day afterwards and of course, will use a sunscreen whenever I leave the house. 😉

  3. Heather in Arles

    Merci, comme d’hab’! I am always so grateful for your plans and reminders – which are just straightforward and never preachy. And of course the timing is just right. 😉
    I have been working our little garden plot the past few days and have I put sunscreen on the tops of my hands? Nope. Will change that today…

  4. Great tips as always, even though we southern hemisphere dwellers are on opposite seasons. As an almost-60-year old I am of the generation where we did not protect our skin until our 30s (the 1980s) so I consider myself extremely fortunate not to have skin cancers even though I baked on the beach in my teens. I do however, continually battle dark horizontal lines on my neck now and I have some sun spots on my arms and legs that are somewhat unsightly. Protect your skin every day is very good advice!

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