Review + Interview: Green Love Light Eye Serum

Raw, organic, vegan, fair trade-sourced, free from toxins and palm oil, with skillfully blended, efficient, natural formulas – what’s not to love about the niche Swedish brand Green Love?


Let’s dive in medias res, shall we, Adventurer? Here’s the product I am reviewing today. You might remember Green Love from some of my earlier reviews, and today’s post is a little different, featuring a quick interview with founder Jenny Jahn.

greenlove-lighteyeserum-review greenlove-lighteyeserum-review-ingredientsEnter Light Eye Oil, 10 ml, €49. Ingredients: *Barbary fig (Opuntia ficus-indica L), *rosehip (Rosa canina), *Blackberry oil (Rubus fruticosus), *Coffee CO2 (coffee arabica), *eye bright (Euphrasia Officinalis), *Aloe Vera, CoQ10 from plant Nicotiana tabacum (Ubiquinone).
*Organic certified

The ingredients have very potent soothing, revitalising, brightening, even healing properties. While rosehip, blackberry, coffee, aloe and eyebright are rather widely known, it’s the barbary fig that’s a bit of a trend right now, and I wanted to have a closer look before I share my review.


You can often find product claims that the Barbary seed oil is rare and thus expensive.

This is not correct: the oil is expensive due to the complicated seed oil extraction process (each seed sitting inside the fruit pulp contains merely 5% oil), not because the plant itself is rare. The plant is a pretty internationally widespread cactus variety, so widespread in fact, it’s considered a pest in several Mediterranean regions.

The barbary fig oil is rich in linoleic fatty acid which makes it a fantastic, sebum-regulating and pore-tightening ingredient for acne-prone skin. The oil is rich in skin-revitalising Phytosterols and in Gamma Tocopherol, a particularly powerful, inflammation-fighting cousin of Alpha Tocopherol alias Vitamin E to efficiently reduce blemishes and dryness, repair wrinkles and hyperpigmentations.

The pure seed oil is easily absorbed and has a very smooth and fluid, non-greasy texture.

I found it interesting to discover that the oil of this originally Mexican plant is a Moroccan Berber women “beauty secret” – on par with Argan Oil.

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Like all Green Love products now, the Light Eye Oil is packaged in a Miron violet glass container.
An integrated rollerball is designed for the ease of application and also as a naturally cooling tool.

Affiliate-free link: Green Love Online Shop.greenlove-lighteyeserum-review-open-bottlegreenlove-lighteyeserum-review-swatch Now I’ve got to confess: I have never used an eye product to this point.

Whaaat? Yup. Sure, I’ve bought products now and then, but I’ve never actually come to apply them as they always seemed to not do anything good to the delicate skin around my eyes. In fact, it’s where my skin is naturally plump and smooth quite by itself. (And possibly because I’ve never used under-eye concealers and eye creams, ironically…)

Last summer though I have noticed a rather severe puffiness under my eyes that actually shocked me. Surgery was of course out of question, and I was aware that skincare couln’t fix it on its own.

My solution: face gym + a good product to keep the skin moisturised and supple!

The products of choice were the Green Love Light Eye Oil (moving closer to the review, moving closer) and Dr Hauschka Eye Solace, a liquid, eyebright-based skin mask that’s super powerful on tired and puffy eyes that I’ve reviewed here.

The Light Eye Oil ingredient list was impressive, and I was sold.

I’ve been using the serum for three months now, applying it daily before my eyerobics. The immediate effect of the slightly yellow oil is the visual reduction of those purplish shadows under the eyes. The skincare impact that I was able to notice after two months is how much softer and even firmer the already soft and firm skin has become. The heavy puffiness has almost vanished, and on a good day (=good sleep, good food) it won’t show anymore.

So of course I’m not just keeping this little treasure, not only getting two more bottles to give to my family members who struggle with dryness and wrinkles, I was also very keen to ask founder Jenny Jahn a few questions.

Apart from the following quick interview I have also noticed that Green Love have changed their fragrance range and have updated my reviews that you can find here, here and here with Jenny’s statement.


greenlove-lighteyeserum-review-jenny-jahn-interviewBC: Jenny, where does your ingredient knowledge come from? In particular, the eye oil formula is pretty outstanding as are the body lotions, how did you come up with that?

JJ: I grew up with herbs and my father passed his knowledge on to us six children. But there’s also information from many courses and food education. The formulation is carefully selected according to the structure of oils and herbs and a good manufacturer can show analysis of the oils nutrition’s or acids structure. It’s important to not overdo with one ingredients/one single oil because often it creates a leak of other fat. But a careful blend gives a great and large spectrum for the skin. The formulations are created through a lots and lots of learning, and this took me years to start, before I even launched the line.

BC: Your products are not only raw, vegan, organic, often from fair trade ingredients but also free from toxic compounds and palm oil (or derivatives), which I applaud you for. Do you find it complicated to source top grade raw materials or not, and why?

JJ: Yes, the search for fairtrade, organic, vegan, palmoil/soy free… They are difficult but not that hard to find, it’s just extremely expensive compared to normal pricings. Nowadays when I see producers grow bit by bit it makes me so happy ❤

BC: What has been the first product that you’ve made and sold? What is the next launch?

JJ: First thing out was my elixir oil*, it’s still in <3, and next thing out is Moisture Herbal Toner to use together with oils and creams. Allergen-free in terms of essential oil. Im also having more secrets to come, things I use daily myself 😉

*A very rich, barbary fig based oil blend. Affiliate-free link: Green Love Online Shop. Portrait © Green Love/ Jenny Jahn

Bottom line: I think we can expect many a great product novelty from this Swedish brand launched in 2012, and hope this review was useful for those who look for a top quality product on par with much more expensive, conventional skincare – and entertaining for everybody else. 


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  1. Barbary fig *does* seems to be the new argan. I’ve just started using a sample of another eye serum that contains it. I’ve never done eye products before so i’ll see how it goes, the Green Love line sounds greenlovely.

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