Life On Mars: My Spring 2015 Signature Look * Beauty Look #3

Today is the Vernal Equinox, the perfect day to start the new signature spring look tag. I’ve also had fun with my Signature Spring Look, fit for a Martian.

Humans prepare to colonize Mars, futurologist Li Edelkoort says fashion as we know it is dead. Exciting times.
Let’s discuss trends first before we get to the look tag! It makes sense, promised 🙂


International Spring-Summer runways have shown many colours and effects that are hardly trend-setting material:
bright red lips (Herrera) and bright orange lips (Missoni), hot pink lips with a matt finish (Chanel) and hot pink lips with a jelly finish (Berardi), red eyes (Max Mara) and white eyes (Leporte), metallic eyes (Dior) and nails (Dsquared2), leaf gold eye shadow (Barbara Bui) and bright turquoise ‘smoky’ eyes (Gaultier).
Seems we’ve seen it all, huh?
At least that’s the feeling I get when I open the beauty trends diary that I’ve been keeping since winter 1998/99.

They sell us the same stuff over and over again maintaining an artificial, utterly empty sense of me-too greediness. So what’s the point in following the runway trends anyway when they seem just the same all over again?

Since the Couture has parted, it’s not just me who finds most fashion shows and the matching beauty looks mostly boring, “nice” at best.
And so, all gorgeousness of the catwalk looks aside, I wholeheartedly second Li Edelkoort’s statement that (conventional) fashion is obsolete and dead. Fashion, she says in that interview, has become a cost-cutting and egocentric machinery in the world of growing altruism, thus falling out of the most powerful trend itself and bringing the textile craftmanship – which obviously is also against another huge trending interest: that in traditional manufacturing and artisanal production – on the brink of extinction.

Amen, sister! Who in their right mind could disagree with that?
I’ve always said to anyone who’d listen that our consumerism-ridden world is a synthetic environment pushing a sense of contrived, unnatural aesthetics, luxury symbols and beauty standards into our brains.
So unsustainable.


My Signature Look is about two things.

First, it’s about owning a seasonal look. Why should beauty brands have all the fun?
Second, it calls for a creative approach – to take part you have to dig up the forgotten treasures in your beauty case (products used must be in your possession for at least 6 months).

And my creative approach today is playing futurologist. Just for a moment. Uh, exciting!

With the first real mission to Mars in sight, I say that red will become a very modern, topical, relevant contemporary colour. Of course I’m biased because: Mars Chronicles, baby! Red is very intense indeed for a world of Etsy-esque aesthetics (think pastel chevrons) and muted Pantones; but picture it as a bright, glossy rusty red among silver and white, imagine it as a very matt red lined with matt yellow gold and transparent white, and you get a very modern look.

I mean it: imagine.
I’ll wait

life-on-mars-BEAUTYCALYPSE-beauty-bloggers-tagNow, here are my highly speculative top five spring summer colours:

1 White, either solid or transparent but neither too matt nor glossy – no 80s please
2 Matt yellow gold (think Apple MacBook sandy-sexy-sensorially delicious gold)
3 True red, matt or glossy, made wearable and playful with gradients, transparency, or patterns
4 Mars red: a brick red/ rust hue
5 Neons; not like a few years ago when everything suddenly went neon, I expect flashy details: a lining here, a brim there. With the progress in eco textile manufacturing, even eco fashion brands will turn to colours deemed “artificial” to make their creations look even less “eco” and more fabulous than ever before.

Agree/ disagree? 🙂
What are Your trend colours of the season and why?


I got inspired by several things, most importantly by the return of red eye shadows at the Max Mara show and by the beautiful and peaceful Martians from the “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed” short story by Ray Bradbury (spoiler alert: colonists from Earth become Martians – graceful beings, very tall and thin, dark skinned, and with golden eyes).
And need I really say that David Bowie was on endless loop?

Products used to prep skin:products-used-to-prep-skin-life-on-mars-spring-look

Fair olive skin that gets greenish over winter? Yup, that’d be me. In order to prep my ultra pale skin for a sun-kissed look that wouldn’t scream fake, I have used the Primavera face oil capsules with bronzing effect for several days. The product doesn’t contain pigments, the golden colour comes from the precious oils that moisturise like a rockstar and leave m skin supple and silky (no oily residue). I apply this oil during the day; the same formula is available sans bronzing, which I use at night.

I have primed the lips with an experimental lip balm by Eco Cosmetics (they were testing it during Vivaness) that I’ve come to deeply love for its insane moisturising properties as well as for making lipstick last longer and for leaving absolutely no white residue.
However, this is sort of an exception to my rule – owning products for more than 6 months. The balm is not vital for the look, I just couldn’t leave it unmentioned in its ecological, palm oil free vegan glory.

To avoid that powdery look you can get from mineral foundation and to enhance the “I’ve been in the sun all day long”-effect, I’ve used a luxurious Champaca hydrolate by Maienfels. It has a warm, summery scent slightly reminiscent of the French Monoi oil and sets just the right mood.
Tip: you can use flower hydrolates to create your own fragrance, pure as a toning water or to create your own skincare. 


And here’s the look, I hope the grungy punk goth chick still shines through somehow!

Products used:life-on-mars-how-to-foundationFoundation-wise I’ve used my oldie but goldie Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base in ‘Bare’.

To create a subtle shimmer of a sunny day I blended it with Alva Colour golden pigment in ‘Sparkling Harmony’.
And here’s the bummer. The product has been discontinued. If you have a chance to see it on sale somewhere, grab one and buy one for me! It’s the finest, subtlest, silkiest golden pigment that’s so versatile I just can’t handle it.
You’ve seen it in the very first signature look tag as a liquid eyeliner. Seriously, go back and have a look. Is it grand or what?! (Right now I’m so excited I’m breathing in but not out! Pheeeew…)

Cheeks are done with Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush in ‘Guave’ that I’ve had forever (I believe I got it in 2008 or in 2009). The colour is a warm-ish guave shade – an almost neutral, beige-kissed apricot – with finely milled, cool pink shimmer. A stunning colour that doubles as a rosy highlighter. Love it!

life-on-mars-how-to-coloursThe products used for the look have sat in my beauty case for more than 3 years (Alima Pure matt eye shadow in ‘Raven’, Lakshmi khol, Lily Lolo Lip Gloss in ‘Damson Dusk’), for about 2 years (Ilia lipstick in ‘Bang Bang’) and for about half a year – the Zao Volume & Sheathing Mascara (reviewed here).

Now, I wanted the red eye colour to be glossy but not metallic, bold and yet transparent.

Having experimented with mineral pigments, I then had settled for the Ilia lipstick. I have to report that it’s surprisingly not runny.

Captain Obvious advises: Of course this trick isn’t for everyone, since lipsticks aren’t formulated to be worn on your eyes. Also lipsticks can have amassed germs over time that you don’t want anywhere near your eyes.

But just for the record, my lipsticks are mega hygienic.

I must admit, I love the wet-look, glossy finish on both eyes and lips to bits.

One more thing worth mentioning when sporting a very bold make-up 🙂
Having started to test the natra care make-up removal tissues (made from GOTS-certified organic cotton), I am blown away that just one tissue could handle the complete make-up:make-up-removing-eco-and-fast

I hope you’ve liked the look and some of the ideas here were helpful, inspiring or entertaining! xx


Create your own Spring 2015 Signature Look, make your post as detailed or casual as you like (the style of your post is completely up to you, you can include a how-to video or a step-by-step visual, or only the look + description) and then post it following these Rules:

  1. Link back to this post so I can include you
  2. Title your post:
    [Optional Look Name:] My Spring 2015 Signature Look {Tag!}
  3. Only use organic make-up products that you own for 6 months minimum. Exceptions for mascara only.
    You can include skincare tips or matching fragrance or a song, throw in some philosophy or just a fun story or be super-sleek about it – just make sure to have fun!
  4. Please tag 3-5 green beauty bloggers, making sure they notice 😉
    And the best part: if you’re not a green beauty blogger or haven’t been tagged but would love to join in the fun, just do it following the rules 1-4!


Let me tag these beautiful and absolutely brilliant green beauties, my sisterhood of green and health nerdiness, who have all agreed to play again 🙂
Liz – LyndaSonja – RuSignature-Look-Tag-Green-Beauty-BloggersI can’t wait to see your signature looks for spring 2015… As well as to hear your thoughts about the death of fashion and the Mars One project 😉

And now it’s Your Turn!
Show the world your creative power!
Discuss your idea of future!


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  1. Nath, I couldn’t agree with you more about spring trends. Every time I see that “pastels, florals and lace” are hot for spring an uncontrollable eye roll comes over me. First off, not every one can (or should) rock pastels; secondly, as you stated, spring, summer and fall.winter trends are simply a regurgitation year after year and every 30 years a certain style becomes the “it” trend of the moment. More than slightly boring in my opinion.

    For me, I would love to see spring do a throw back to the colorful Baroque era. The rich golds, greens, aquamarines, reds and silvers were stunning, and due to the grand embellishments of the garments I would keep my hair down and makeup natural.

    Last Fall, I love that D&G did a throwback to the 1500’s with vibrant reds, crosses and crowns and they’ve even carried it over to their SS 2015 collection which is refreshing:

    Although, I truly think I lived in that era in another life which is why I’m so drawn to the art, architecture, fashion and colours!

    Thanks for tagging me Nath, can’t wait to start noodling what “unexpected” spring look I’m going to create 🙂 xo

  2. What a wonderful spring look! I should definitely try more colour. At the moment I am over the moon with a mauve and several beige tones for the eyes, but go for a bold pink lipstick with light purple undertones. Or I love soft rosy cheeks and nothing else on the skin than nude tones…

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