10 Hair Care Sins That Can Cause Hair Loss | Hair Health Quest #7

Hair loss or problems? Find out what you might be doing wrong when trying to obtain an enviable mane.

Let me start this post with a shampoo ad parody:

My hair used to be dry and lifeless… But now it’s moist and budges!”

Honestly though, I don’t quite get the fuzz about head hair.
It’s a heap of dead cells. A heap of dead cells rated top priority in terms of beauty.
So when we talk about having “shiny hair”, “healthy hair”, “full hair” etc. we’re doing what, trying to grow particularly thick and shiny dead cells, right? Isn’t that a bit weird?

But jokes aside, since “healthy shiny hair” is one of the foremost signs of an overall good health, having dull and dry hair isn’t compelling either, I get that.hair-care-mistakes-cause-hair-loss

Hair & Health

As ever, I’m a believer in thorough health checks and in help from competent, holistic doctors when it comes to beauty ‘flaws’ that can be symptoms. And by “holistic doctor” I don’t mean a homoeopath or a TCM practitioner, rather a GP with good nutritional knowledge. Before you object: they exist 🙂

10 Hair Care Sins To Avoid

But when you’re in good health and still your hair breaks, is dry, has split ends or when the hair tie pulls out lots of hairs, you might be making some hair care mistakes, and this is what today’s post is about. This post is not about toxic ingredients or other tips; for posts about that, please check out the tag “hair health“.hair-care-mistakes-to-avoid1. Never comb long hair from the top down to the ends right away. Always start at the ends and work your way up until you can run the brush from the top down.
2. Never drag, rub or aggressively comb wet hair – that’s a recipe for disaster.
3. Never apply shampoo directly to hair/scalp. This sounds like bla-bla, but makes a lot of sense. The product will spread better when diluted, thus minimising the traction. Also a good idea: start shampooing at the back of your head – for that’s where our hair is particularly strong.
4. Don’t use shampoo with a pH value of more than 5.5 as the alkaline envoronment can increase frizz, hair tangling and breakage. The scalp’s natural pH is about 5.5; the hair shaft about 4 (cider vinegar rinse starts to make sense).
Interesting fact: there is only little research and no standards for pH regulations in hair products.
5. Don’t leave your hair wrapped in a towel for longer than 5-10 minutes, it weakens your hair and dries out the scalp.
6. Never blow dry at max heat; never longer than 20 minutes.
7. Never blow dry from the bottom up.
8. Never apply styling products on wet hair, never use styling devices on hair that’s not completely dry. Hair shafts can literally explode. It sounds funny but looks crappy.
9. Don’t use scratchy combs or brushes – or prepare for split ends.
10. Don’t wear tight hair styles often. Mechanical dragging weakens the hair roots.hair-care-mistakes

Now spill it, Adventurer.
What hair care sins are you guilty of? 


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  1. Well,… I can add: never wear a hat/beanie on wet hair. I definitely need to work on my timing as well. I leave my hair wrapped for really a long time. Not by cause, but will work on that.

    By the way, the broccoli seed oil is doing a great job although I need to figure out what’s the right amount for my long hair without leaving it greasy.

  2. Oh I hate those microtensions! I am guilty of brushing incorrectly. Very silly really because your Number 1 point is how I was told to comb the dog’s tail but I didn’t think to apply the same to myself.

  3. Heather in Arles

    Uh oh. I am guilty of so many of these I am embarrassed to admit it! Actually, ALL of them save for 5,6 and 7. eeeeeee. Thank you for this post…I am on it!

  4. I’m soooooo guilty of wearing my hair in a ponytail at the same spot on my head every day and certain parts of my hair are broken from the constant tension there… It’s such a bad habit but it’s just that… a habit!

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