Clean Perfume Quest #8: In Love With Florascent Apothecary

These tox-free, natural fragrances that are new in my personal collection of perfumes for women & men allow the wearer to enjoy the finest aromas or to play perfumer with perfectly safe and vegan formulas.

Discovering Florascent

The fragrance manufacture Florascent Parfumeurs has caught my attention years ago.
Seriously, it has been years since I first heard of them, albeit not in the context of clean’n’green but simply in the fashion and beauty context. I loved the looks of their scents but it only dawned on me later that the darling dainty mini-flacons, the chic Eaux de Toilette and the darkly beautiful perfumes – as well as the cool room fragrances – were free from toxic and synthetic ingredients.

The manufacture founded and lead by chemist and perfumer Roland Tentunian is recreating and keeping alive the art of perfume-making from the 17th century.florascent-apothecary-review-tonkaAt home in the beautiful town of Karlsruhe in southwest Germany, at a stone’s throw from France, the manufacture’s natural (partly organic) self-distilled, hand-made, hand-filled, hand-wrapped jewels are free from synthetic and toxic compounds like polycyclic musk compounds, phthalates, colourings and so on.

However, as always, an allergy reminder: nature is the maker of some of the most heavy allergens, so natural fragrance doesn’t mean less allergy potential. But that’s not complicated, just be sure to test because many excitingly aromatic essences are pretty safe.florascent-apothecary-aroma-spray-review-3

Missed At Vivaness, Found At a SPA

Having missed the opportunity to meet the team at this years Vivaness – you might remember I only had a day or, more precisely, only four hours at the exhibition, bound to the alerting sound of passing time like some trade fair Cinderella, I was more than delighted to discover the Florascent Apothecary range at my new favourite Berlin spa where I went the day after (work-life balance, you guys!).
And I brought home three single scents, €18-19 each: the sweet and invigorating Yuzu (Citrus junos), the soft, sugary, winter-holiday-in-a-bottle Mandarine (Citrus reticulata) and the sweet and velvety Tonka (Dypterix odorata), reminiscent of vanilla, summer nights, and sweet almonds.florascent-apothecary-review-yuzu-mandarine-tonka

The Treasures of Florascent Apothecary

Other than the main brand of the company Florascent Perfumers, the brand Florascent Apothecary offers single scents, basically they are natural essential oils in spirit of wine, to be worn (or spritzed around the house!) on their own or in an individual blend.

The single scent collection counts six categories:
1. aromatics (Basil, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Bay, Davana, Ginger and Lavender),
2. balms (Benzoin, Opoponax, Styrax, Myrrh, Incense, Tonka and Vanilla),
3. flowers (Mimosa, Palmarosa, Sambac Jasmine, Rose, Orange flower, Ylang-Ylang),
4. citrus (Bitter orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Bergamot, Mandarin, Yuzu and Lemon),
5. woody (Cedarwood, Patchouly, Rosewood, Jatamansi, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Vetyver),
6. and the last one named freshness though it’s over my head me why (Wormwood, Cardamom, Geranium, Galbanum, Clary sage, Peppermint and Rosemary).

Nearly the half of those are also available as pure essential oils which I know can get all of us quite excited, but let’s focus again on the spritzy part of the range 😉florascent-aroma-spray-review-citrus-and-balmy-notesflorascent-apothecary-aroma-spray-review-2

A single aroma spray costs between 18 and 24 Euros per 30 ml spray bottle.
The ingredients are: spirit of wine, water, essential oil.
Shelf life once open: 24 months.
Each aroma spray’s packaging and leaflet informs you about the production, the origin of the raw material; describes the best use for the particular aroma, and lists the chemical compounds that are natural parts of the particular essential oil – important information for allergy sufferers.

While you have all the freedom you want for blending and testing and then some more blending, the Florascent website offers sound advice on what single scents love each other (find the examples and the explanations in English here).

I have chosen Tonka and the two citrusy notes Yuzu & Mandarine because I love the warm, “hug in a bottle” aura of the tonka bean essential oil, and because winter in Berlin has been so incredibly dull that I needed a winter-holiday feeling to spritz on. While Yuzu, a Japanese grapefruit variety, has an aroma close to Mandarine, it’s “greener” and tangier, a perfect head note. Of course, both notes love the sweet almondy bed of Tonka for a simple but elegant, wearable everyday scent.
I’m next eyeing Palmarosa from the flower collection; the spicy Davana, Jatamansi, Wormwood aka Artemisia absinthium and the balms Benzoin, Opoponax and Incense.

It goes without saying that the art of perfume-making and the simple pleasure of wearing or mixing Florascent natural aroma sprays does not know such mundane limitations as gender or age.”

florascent-apothecary-aroma-spray-reviewLinks (no affiliates, no paid links, you know the drill):
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You can find more of my tox-free fragrant finds that go sans parabens, phthalates and animal-derived ingredients and smell not just boring “as good as any conventional perfume” but much better under the tag Safe Perfume.


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