Bye, February! – Hi there, March!

Evaluating the best and worst finds + the Quest’s twists and turns in February: health, happiness, ethical excellence.

But before we start, have a look. This grisaille (with a few sunny exceptions) has been February in Berlin. And around. These somewhat artsy images are from my journey home – back from Zurich.beautycalypse-green-travel-berlin-artsy

Quest Report February

The month has been so damn short, I hardly even noticed! How about you? Still, there’s no denying it, it’s time for the February Quest Report.beautycalypse-february-2015-quest-reportBusiness trips – yes, those I try to avoid in favour of Skype calls 😉 – have inspired me to add a new section to the Quest: Eco Travel Business & City. Check out the brand new section if you’ve missed the tagged posts, and please, please, let me hear in the comments what your green travel concerns are.beautycalypse-on-the-road-feb-2015Well, at least travelling meant wintery landscapes painted with snow – and really lots of snow all the way down to Nurembergbeautycalypse-green-travel-nuremberg…and to Zurich and to Bregenz:beautycalypse-green-travel-bregenzAfter seeing beautiful matcha-related novelties at the Biofach fair, I have rediscovered this fine powdered tea specialty as the most delicious addition to my recipes (and to more than just to wasabi-spiced chocolate). Infusing green smoothies with matcha, blending it with frosting sugar from raw cane sugar to cover gluten-free viennoiseries with a fancy green topping. To my utter delight, there’s even an organic BioZisch lemonade based on fine matcha tea. Yay, summer parties!cooking-with-matcha-feb-15In terms of healthy and efficient cooking, I can proudly announce to have perfected: a spicy, fruity, uber healthy and quick lunchtime salad; a gluten-free, vegan, extra spicy Thai curry; and a silky-smooth, delicious, sugar-free, vegan rice pudding infused with Chai spices:cooking-vegan-flutenfree-sugarfreeWhich recipe do you wanna read first? 
Of course, there’s been a LOT more to the Quest, but as you know, discovering new brands means researching, testing and asking palm oil questions, and I’m not yet ready to reveal them here 🙂

On a personal note, I have spent a lot of time with my loved ones and close friends (BTW one of the latter is hiding behind the black cat in a photo above); have ordered funny striped, mulicoloured socks and a summer dress from a UK-based eco fair fashion brand; I’m testing lingerie-level synthetic bras versus eco fair cotton bras; suffering through growing out my hair… Lots of fun! 😉 Having finished the Benifuuku allergy cure, I’m testing a new, alternative allergy treatment starting tomorrow. Report due end of March!

So, how was February for You, Adventurer? 


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          1. Haha I know brassica are amazing for health but brussel sprout closely follows cauliflower as the only veg i really can’t stand! I’ve learnt to love cabbage (must be raw or quickly stir fried only) and kale

              1. I particularly hate the smell when cooked/boiled and general ‘sulphuriness. Also I think because I never encounted them as a child (grew up in various West African countries) and my first experience was horrendously over boiled really put me off.

  1. Everything looks so delicious!

    I am in the middle of the Benifuuki cure, but at the moment the changing weather, sun, mild temperatures are hitting me hard. So already looking forward to the next allergy treatment post.

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