Empties: Not That Empty At All With Pai Skincare Cream Bottles

What being able to use my fave moisturiser for 4 weeks after the air-tight glass bottle would stop dispensing has taught me about product design.

Sometimes beauty tools and products have not-so-secret secrets about them that many people miss. Today I want to share how I was able to use my fave moisturiser for 4 weeks after the air-tight glass bottle would stop dispensing. In other words: What’s inside a glass bottle of a Pai Skincare serum or moisturiser.

First, a note: this little hack affects only Pai Serums and Moisturisers in glass bottles, and I’ve tried it with the Chamomile and Rosehip Cream that I’ve reviewed earlier, with Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream and with the new Perfect Balance Blemish Serum Copaiba & Zinc that I will review in the next days (update: up! Just follow the links <—).pai-glass-bottles-with-plastic-pouches

Surprise Content

As my bottle of Geranium & Thistle had stopped dispensing any cream at all, the weight of the glass still gave away there had to be something left. But letting it sit on a shelf (tip: shaking never helps with airtight packaging) didn’t help release any product anymore.
Ready to throw it away, I absentmindedly turned the dispenser head and suddenly noticed that something was moving, faintly but visibly scratching on the glass from inside! Having binned three Pai glass bottles before without being able to open them, I was determined to have a glance at what’s inside this time:pai-empties-before-openingpai-empty-glass-not-empty-plastic-pouch-contents-as-opened-on-january-13 pai-not-that-empty-opened-on-january-13Interestingly, as my Copaiba & Zinc serum ended, and I opened the bottle as well, the pouch was truly emptied – since the serum is more a liquid than a cream, the dispenser of the air-tight pouch is able to get to the last drop:pai-perfect-blemish-serum-copaiba-zinc-empty

“Plastic?” – Buying Glass For A Reason; Pai PR Replies

If you, like me, buy glass to avoid plastic, finding a synthetic pouch inside a (heavy) glass jar of a (not inexpensive) product feels a bit like a slap, admittedly.
But we’re not in the kindergarden here, so I knew: if a brand that pays a lot of attention to ingredients and their sourcing, develops modern, wonderfully efficient skincare that helps so many people with sensitive skin (myself included), decides to deploy a plastic pouch, there must be a very good reason. So I asked Pai directly:tweeting-paiAn email conversation ensued in which my questions and concerns were attended in a kind, helpful and open manner, and Pai agreed expressly that I am allowed to share the key points with you – which follow now as facts and quotes:

Pai moisturisers and serums in glass bottles “use an airless pump system, which means that the product is housed in a plastic pouch within the glass bottle. The pouch is a food-grade copolymer* that is less susceptible to degradation than other types of plastic and is widely used in the packaging of food.

[2] BUT WHY THE PLASTIC POUCH? Here a few quotes:
The airless system offers the best protection for our sensitive skin formulas.
Pai products are designed for very sensitive skin, so preservative-free solutions are key. Glass packaging = air exposure = more or stronger preservatives. Also Pai stated that: “We used standard glass bottles with pumps for six years on our moisturiser line. It always left 20% of the cream wasted at the base of the bottle which customers could see but not extract. It led to thousands of complaints and demands for change.

* The material used for the pouches has been developed by DuPont™ and is described as a non-reactive ethylene copolymer (product name: Surlyn® Ionomer Resin).
The plastic used “is an ISO 11469 approved material that conforms to this standard’s specific recycling requirements“.
You can take glass bottles apart for individual glass/ plastic recycling.

“I Wonder How Long This’ll Last”

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a pouch that looked, well, like you’ve seen above, dispensing daily that much product:pai-presumable-empty-daily-usage…(sometimes double the amount to blend a custom foundation) would last a full month, January 13 to February 13! Not too shabby, non? I also have to mention, I think, that the product has not changed or perished over the course of the four weeks. Obviously, I didn’t expose it to direct sunlight or heat.pai-empty-on-february-13I have to say now, having tried it myself, that letting the pouch sit in a glass would never help release all the product – I had to squeeze it to move the cream towards the “bottom” everytime, so it could be picked up by the “straw” of the dispenser. You’ll also notice that some product residue is visible, but after cutting up the pouch, the amount was too minimal to even scratch some together for a picture.

Enjoy your Pai goodies to the fullest, Adventurer, and we’ll see where the Quest road takes us in the next post! 😉



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  1. gloria viktoria

    I opened my gentle exfoliator from pai a few days ago cause there was no product comming out anymore. i was a little disapointed for i haven’t used it very often. my exfoliator bottle is the small one but still. so i opened it up. there is not a plastic pouch in it, the stuff’s just in the bottle. but what left me wondering is that there is no straw or anything inside that is long enough to get to the bottom. it’s about 1cm or so. there is still a lot of product left but i will have to open the bottle every time now. which feels kinda contrary to the pupose of leaving bacteria out 😀
    it may be different with the bigger bootles though.

    1. Ed

      Hi Gloria,

      Sorry to hear the exfoliator bottle isn’t dispensing.

      Could you get in touch with us (support@paiskincare.com) and we’ll swap it for you?

      The exfoliator bottle is an airless container with a pouch – hence no dip tube.

      It isn’t great for the product if you open it up – there’s no water in the exfoliator so there isn’t really a problem with bacteria, but if you introduce water – even moist air – the gel will start to break down.

      Pai Skincare

  2. This is such a helpful post – so good that Pai were so helpful with your questions. I have the Copaiba & Zinc serum so this is good to know once I think I’ve run out!

  3. This is fascinating! What a great post, thank you. Now I’m going to make sure I’m able to get as much of the precious Pai products as possible! Also top points to Pai for their openness and honesty. Thats what i like from a brand! xx

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