Catch Me If You Can {BEAUTYCALYPSE @ Vivaness}

A memo post: Adventurers, I’m off to the International VIVANESS/BIOFACH exhibitions in Nuremberg. Here’s how to ping me on Wed, Feb 11, if you’re there and wanna meet:



There is a plenty of brands from Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Canada, USA and Russia that I need to see in person.
So there’s an ambitious schedule waiting for me once I hit the Nuremberg ground running, but if you’re there, lemme know! It’s best to keep in touch through Twitter: clickety-click to follow @BEAUTYCALYPSE

In the meantime, here is something lovely and funny for your reading and cooking pleasure from the archives (chances are you’ve missed it or forgot the recipe along the way, or are new here):
Why indie is the new sexy and ads have no power over me | 2 Sick of stupid Valentine, but fancy a date? | 3 Ridiculously simple, sugar-free vegan orange curd | 4 What your mascara really says about you

See you there – or here! 😉

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