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Adventurer, let’s start an exciting *interactive* story – a Quest, in fact – where green’n’clean knowledge meets ethical conscience and entertainment. Read Chapter 1 and vote on Chapter 2 now!

I’m totally over the moon to start what seems a text-based adventure merged with the BEAUTYCALYPSE knowledge base.
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Today, let’s meet the heroine, Cate, in the frenzy of what seems a regular Monday.

Chapter 1. I’m Sorry, Have We Met Before?

Cate’s morning felt just like any other day: Monday frenzy, a strange face in the mirror, a miraculously shrunken skirt waist, rushing out of the house, rushing right back to fetch the car keys from another handbag, double-parking to get a triple shot latte at the nearby Starbucks, putting on make-up at red lights (where did that rash come from?), and finally trying to push away the dull office morning by smoking one or two, or probably rather three cigarettes with her colleagues. They were gathering outside the office building, united by the unspoken idea of postponing the start of the week. Chewing a cinnamon gum and sipping her coffee, with her designer bag on her arm, Cate felt halfway human again as the lift brought her to the office floor.

She could remember that she’d used to like accomplishing things, but Cate rarely got into that mood again. Maybe on Friday nights, when she had no plans at all, would her inner workaholic raise the dishevelled head. But not on a Monday, let alone a Monday morning. She pushed open the door to the office she shared with three coworkers, and sat down at her desk, greeting the team members she walked past – just in time: her phone had started ringing. Cate’s boss.

After a short talk, Cate hung up and smirked while her PC was slowly awakening from a long weekend sleep. Cate was sent to attend an afternoon business talk, or maybe a female leadership event (she didn’t pay attention) in place of her boss. This Monday wasn’t so bad, after all. And such an easy task to dawdle away until lunch!

Having answered several emails and phone calls, with the feeling of having contributed to something bigger, Cate checked her business card holder, picked out old-looking cards, replaced them, checked her lipstick, retouched her make-up, said bye to her coworkers and was ready to go.

…In the conference room of the four star hotel (conveniently located in the very centre of the city), Cate felt lost almost instantly. She could not spot a single familiar face while getting the feeling that everybody else were definitely acquainted. And having a blast, she told herself, clutching the glass of white nicely provided at the entrance. Could she sneak out for a cigarette? Would anybody notice if she left?

“I don’t believe it! Cate?” Cate didn’t even look up, convinced that it was directed at a namesake, and kept gazing into space to the rhythm of her own thought. “Cate?”

Somebody delicately touched her arm. Cate turned her head – a beautiful young woman, red hair, olive green business suit, stood there beaming at her: “It must have been years. How are you?”

“I… I’m sorry…” Cate’s voice sounded awkward, and she cleared her throat. “But have we met before?”


Your turn: Time to vote!

Okay, so here’s somebody from Cate’s past, clearly.
Now, what do you think, will they:
(A) Get along wonderfully because why not
(B) Cate totally escapes to have a cigarette and to enjoy an early round of after-work shopping
(C) Something else: UPDATE, C has won!

To be continued.

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