January Quest Report

Evaluating the best and worst finds + the Quest’s twists and turns in January: health, happiness, ethical excellence.

But before we start, just look at that: it snows again over here. So beautiful. Now this is winter!January-Quest-ReportMy best find in January was ILA SPA; both the range and the salon treatments. Having tested a body skincare set that I’ve purchased online, and booked a fantastic treatment in a spa in Berlin, I am seriously in love.
Right now I’m hearting their Face Mask for Revitalising Skin – green clay and a blend of essential oil to make your head spin. Well, in a good sense. I will report back after my second treatment in February.
The worst product (and remember, we don’t review products we don’t like here) was a certain novelty on the nail polish market. It takes forever to dry; chips on the first day; and takes another eternity to scratch it of. Here you see it fail epically on Day Two.January-Quest-Report-Win-and-FailI’ve also quite loved one of Pai Skincare new serums (review to follow); am almost through my Benifu(u)ku metabolic cure – with major success; and have discovered a new brand from Germany that I’m evaluating right now.January-Quest-News-Pai-Benifuuku-BikiniBerlinI also went to the Greenshowroom, THE trade fair for eco-ethical fashion in their new venue (Postbahnhof Berlin); so a lot of fashion (and accessories, and jewellery) stuff is coming next.January-Quest-News-GreenshowroomOn a very personal note: January has been about friends old and new; about learning; about finding family harmony where a lot of history was continuuously creating some toxic vapours. So yes, January has been great.January-Quest-News-Berlin-CacaoContemporaryFoodLab-FlowersTo wrap it up, let me highlight an exceptional foodie event for all Berliners out there: check out the 2015 CACAO ACADEMY hosted at the Contemporary Food Lab.

So, how was your January, Adventurer? 😉


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Sounds great! For me it’s been the least January January I can recall. Maybe it was the unseasonably mild weather or not making any resolutions. Anyway I’ve enjoyed when usually it’s a struggle

  2. Sounds like a really good month and I am curious about the new German brand and what you think about.

    Well, I try to have a Benifuuki a day and figured out, that I can enjoy it much more with a bit coconut milk for drinking and a hint of another matcha. I will get a mix now. Good reminder.

    What are the leaves in the second row from the bottom (right hand-side) and the plant growing in the last row? Looks like necklace and a plant perfectly made for my writing space.

    Have a great February.

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