The Quest for The Cleanest Shampoo (Hair Health Quest #6)

One of my first most read posts here on BEAUTYCALYPSE was called “Who Put The ‘Poo’ In Shampoo”. It was in 2013, and I’ve only found the perfect product three months ago.

search-for-the-perfect-organic-shampooWhy is it so hard to find a perfect product, you might wonder?
Because I look for a product that is:
Ideally organic (or at least free from industrial alcohol, harsh detergents, artificial fragrance, phthalates, parabens, silicones and mineral oil to name the worst offenders)
– Next level: free from conflict palm oil and from conflict-PO-based ingredients. Because even certified organics can contain PO-based ingredients of doubtful pedigree. Yup, you read right.
– Then I want it to be vegan
– …and free from Hydrolized Wheat Protein as well as any other wheat-based ingredient
– Ultimately, this Prince Charming of shampoos needs to be at least reasonably priced and accessible.

I bet you start figuring out the problem.
And I bet you’re not wondering how I ended up with a baby shampoo.
Enter: Eco Cosmetics Baby & Kids Shampoo & Shower Gel with pomegranate and sea buckthorn. (It’s been rated “excellent” by the German consumer magazine Ökotest.)eco-cosmetics-shampoo-closeup

INCI Check

The Eco Cosmetics Baby & Kids Shampoo/ Shower Gel (200 ml/ € 9.90) INCI list:
Aqua, Coco Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate & Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Hippophae Rhamnoides Leaf Extract *, Punica Granatum Extract *, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Lecithin, Betaine, Lactid Acid, Parfum (= essential oils blend).
It is vegan and certified with

All ingredients are pretty safe with certified organic cosmetics (I said that because lecithin can be GM’d in conventional products); the detergents are not harsch; the scent is very pleasant and quite subtle. I also heart the fact very much that the ingredients list is quite minimalistic.

So yes, it’s the Best in my line-up of shampoos tried and tested so far.
Is it ideal? Well, pretty darn close!


1 It is free from PO ingredients and wheat-based ingredients,
2 fully vegan,
3 reasonably priced
4 and while not easy to get in the Berlin shops, it’s always available online (for example via Amazingy + ecco verde);
5 it lathers well,
6 cleanses very gently,
7 and doesn’t leave your hair squeaky;
8 the fresh, subtle scent is very light, pretty neutral and evaporates quickly.
9 It’s designed for the ultra-fine baby hair, so I can imagine it’s suitable for adults with fine hair as

So why only “pretty close” then? Because of the:


1 It’s enriched with sea buckthorn extract
2 and scented with an unspecified blend of essential oils,
so it’s possibly not a perfectly safe pick for people with according allergies and sensitivities.

Now let me hear your thoughts.
– Your idea of a reasonable price for a 200 ml bottle of shampoo?
– Do you have hair health issues, and if yes, which shampoo do you use?
– What about going to your hair stylist – do you let them use their salon products on your hair*?

*Because hell no, I don’t, salon shampoos don’t have to list the ingredients and that’s just too much of a Russian roulette to me.

Stay clever, all wavy and bouncy, Adventurer 🙂


16 Comments on “The Quest for The Cleanest Shampoo (Hair Health Quest #6)

  1. Have you tried Chagrin Valley’s shampoo bars? quoting their web: ” Our natural and certified organic skin and hair care products contain nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just wholesome natural ingredients that will nourish the skin and be kind to our planet.”
    They’re the best thing I’ve found, my curly fine hair loves the Marshmallow bar!! A big con: shipping them from the USA it’s quite expensive, plus the CO2 print 😦 I always order a big amount of different samples to last me for a year. I’m searching for a local producer in Berlin, Germany or at least Europe, but still haven’t found a shampoo bar with the same characteristics. I’m not sure about the composition of the kid’s shampoo you’re recomending, I’ll take a look for this ingredients and revert asap!

    • Hi Miriam, thanks for your note ❤ And no: I haven't. Will look into it!

      BTW, a DIY-loving friend of mine (who has no gluten issues) has made shampoo from soaked *wait for it!* rye flour.
      It's quite "soapy" albeit not foamy, and leaves her hear amazingly breezy and lovely. I can't use it due to my allergy but am looking into the flour "shampoo" idea with great interest. Maybe rice works too… Will report, watch this space! 🙂

    • Have you found any good Organic shampoos in Berlin that do not need to be shipped?

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  3. Hi 🙂

    Your articles are really helpful!
    Have you heard about the brand “Shea moisture”? So far it’s one of a few brands that I found in the USA and were comfortable using. If you have experience with this brand, what do you think about it?

    • Hey Mandy, thank you 🙂
      I haven’t heard of Shea moisture yet; and a quick INCI check revealed wheat-based ingredients in their shampoo, sadly it’s then automatically off *my* shopping list.

  4. I’ve recently started using Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo (organic, vegan, very minimal ingredients) and I’m loving it! They say that it can take a couple of weeks to detox the scalp and that’s what I found.. My hair was a bit limp for the first few days but now it’s softer than ever. And it makes me feel really happy that I’m using something so natural!

    • I hear a lot of praise about the relaunched Essential Care range. Your comment reminded me to test their shampoo this spring, along with a few other, wheat-free and PO free products. Thank you! 🙂

  5. I currently use the Weleda Millet shampoo which I really like. Before that I was using the one from Shea Moisture which is also quite lovely. However, I am now going plastic free as well (i.e. eliminating as much plastic from my life as I can) and almost all shampoo comes in plastic bottles, so I will be experimenting with two options:

    1) DIY shampoo. This recipe looks very interesting:

    2) Bar shampoo. I am trying this one out:

    One of these could work for you as well.

  6. I recently started to wonder about how dangerous the ingredients maybe be… i am not so into this yet but as the time goes by, i’m getting more and more worried…
    The truth is that I let my hair stylist use whatever product she thinks is better for my hair, but i know she has a tend to use natural products so, let’s say that I trust her not to use the dirtiest stuff on her clients…
    Now, for the shampoo… i use Apivita Propoline Shampoo for Colored Hair. It’s a Greek brand… similar to Korres (same philosophy). It says it’s 88% natural ingredients (you can read the ingredients here and tell me what you think )
    Other than that, the shampoo is great, very delicate, my hair are ultra-fine and dry and with this one i could even skip the conditioner. I don’t know if it’s suitable for vegans though (i don’t really know what that means for a shampoo).
    The price is around 10 euros (for 250ml).

  7. Finding the right shampoo is probably a life-long quest as our hair seems to change as we age. Recently a blogger sent me a shampoo bar soap to try. It’s very effective and lasts and lasts but that maybe because I only need to wash my hair every 10 days or so. She isn’t selling them yet because she hasn’t perfected the recipe she says. 🙂