{UPDATE} Rare organic tea varieties; dainty cups and luxurious, artisanal pots; fine, hand-crafted stationery; tea connoiseurship seminars – join me in my treasure hunt in Berlin. 

bleibtreustrasse-in-berlinBerlin is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think about tea as part of daily life and culture. But still, but still… I have come across P&T (or Paper&Tea) in 2013 while doing research for a Russian travel magazine that was looking for exciting new “in places” in Berlin. The tea boutiques residing in the noble West Berlin borough of Charlottenburg (a second shop has opened in the hipster stronghold in Mitte) specialises in excellent teas and tea rituals – including Asian and European traditions. Teas are presented like the gems they are, in minimalistic grey designer trays:paper-and-tea-shop-teatraysOffering delicious, often exotic – always special – tea varieties and way more preparation accessories that you knew you’d need, the masterminds behind P&T also share their knowledge in tea seminars, designed to make people lose their fear of fine tea.

Fear of tea, I hear you snort, who’s afraid of a cuppa? Well, you know, making tea is often described by the media as some blood-curling mystery involving strange initiation rites. But despite the fact that enjoying tea does indeed involve some knowledge, it’s really neither terrifying nor boring. Most people, Yours Truly too, actually enjoy geeking out about tea like you would geek out about wine. Just in a less pompous manner – and you don’t need to spit out your drink 😉

paper-and-tea-testers paper-and-tea-haul paper-and-tea-matchapaper-and-tea-fine-china my-personal-paper-and-tea-favourites

The Mitte store does not offer tea seminars, and it has adopted the local, cool aesthetics, without giving up the P&T style of minimalistic luxury and great lighting. New tea varieties; new accessories and new stationery await you in Mitte.

paper-and-tea-berlin-mitte-accessories paper-and-tea-berlin-mitte-matcha-green-lantern paper-and-tea-berlin-mitte

My personal favourites are: Oriental Beauty (a naturally very sweet, organic Oolong from Taiwan), Happy Huizong (Chinese green tea, other name An Ji Bai Cha), Shangri-la (a smooth Darjeeling, First Flush, from Ilam, Nepal), Rikyu’s Riches (organic matcha from Uji, Japan), plus the most delicious organic herbal teas Verbena and Lavender.

paper-and-tea-berlin-charlottenburg-addressP&T ADDRESSES>>>
Concept Store in Charlottenburg:
Bleibtreustrasse 4 (near S-Bahn station Savignyplatz), 10623 Berlin, phone +49.30.9561.5468
Concept Store in Mitte:
Alte Schönhauser Straße 50 (U-Bahn Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz/ S-Bahn Hackescher Markt), 10119 Berlin, phone +49 (0)30-555-798-072

P&T online boutique – tea, accessories, paper
P&T seminars: book online (as usual, no affiliates, no sponsorings; in fact, I’ve spent way too much money there by now as you can see from my pictures above 😀)


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    1. I know 😦 It was me causing some WP scheduling voodoo. The post is there, only the link is broken.

  2. I’m not a tea through choice person – it’s more a medicinal thing. Just thinking about the tannin taste in black tea which i don’t drink is making me purse my lips but P & T looks delightful.

    1. Oh, you’d love this place, Lynda. There are many varieties of teas low in tannin. Also two tea varieties I mentioned (Oriental Beauty and Shangri-la) can be brewed cold, which releases merely the sweetness of the leaf, creating a fruity, sweet, nearly peachy drink. Sipping from a huuuuuge cup of cold-brew Oriental Beauty as I type 🙂

    1. I loooooove mine. One is plated with gold inside, another with ‘platinum’ on the outer side. And the tiniest one in the picture (with a tiny flower) was a gift from Din of eiswuerfelimschuh.wordpress.com – that one is nearly the size of a dollhouse cup 😀

        1. The “invisible frame”, that’s what they call it in English? Or was it a word created by the filmmaker? I sure know it.
          I always call it The Scar, because that’s what it is and what it also looks like – a two-brick thick line everywhere in the streets. It’s nearly invisible to a careless visitor, or a busy local, but it haunts you with its silent presence. More than any of the large monuments, in fact. Or maybe it’s just me.

          1. I am not sure where invisible frame comes from. Maybe the film-maker invented it. I can imagine it is haunting. Are there signs on it, to remind people of what it is?

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